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Hey Ken, I'm interested in your Givi bags. Is there anything I should know about them that isn't covered in your ad? I looked at the UPS website and it looks like shipping to South Louisiana would be about $100. If the bags are in good shape, I would like to purchase them. Would it be possible to send me a few more pics? You can text them to (337) 450-8305.
Don what ended up being wrong with the rear brake peddle fade ? My 2015 started doing the same thing. Block off the master cyl hose and it’s ok, hate to think the ABS unit is bypassing . I’m going to flush out everything and start from there. Thanks Jeff
Hi Anthony-
I have a '18 S10 seems to run well but w/terrible gas mileage, anemic T mode. Bike has an Akrapovic can w/Arrow headers on order. Would like to see what a reflash could do.
Do you have a phone #? thanks.
You can use Spritmonitor app on your phone, does not change mileage, but gives you a very good feedback on circumstances in relation to mileage. 1up, 2up, luggage, lots of headwind, tyre-state etc etc. Use it on both cars and (previous) motorcycles. Super-app!!
Call me next week Tue-Fri 9-5 CST to order spokes. Blue Grass Cycles Madisonville, KY. 270-824-3865
Call me next week Tue-Fri 9-5 CST to order spokes. Blue Grass Cycles Madisonville, KY. 270-824-3865
Hello Anthony, looks like your a really popular guy. I'm wanting a ECU FLASH on my 2015 es model, I was going to remove the cat and modify my stock muffler. If your still doing this please let me know. Thank you for your time! If there is a number I can contact you at please let me know.
Made it home ok Kelvin? This is Rich met you at Brownie's in Brawley. Was great to meet another Tenere rider. We will have to meet up and ride sometime.
Hello Sir,

Looking over your great super tenere and wanted to know what brand of engine skid plate you have chosen and where did you acquire it from? Would you recommend? Looks like a great design and well made.
Thank you, Chance Smith, Camden, NC
Hello Anthony, I am considering an Ecu flash. I have a 2015 Super Tenere Es with an Acropovic exhaust. Do you still do this and what would I expect in performance gains? Also cost?


Garth Hobden
Anthony, are you still doing Ecu reflashes? Interested in getting it done on my 2015 Tenere Es. If not, I will contact someone else, but would prefer to have you do it.
Based on your post regarding your Alt Rider rack system, would you be willing to sell the pillion rack and hardware or both racks?
I don't see or understand how you created a new trigger wire and routed it to the new relay that controls the led auxiliary lights?
Please help. I want to emulate your professional wiring connections.
I just replied your PM. Let me know if that gets you going.
From the one pic you posted showing this 2-pin HD 090 connector, it looks like you added a yellow wire on the male side of this connector and just looped it in a "U" turn configuration and back into itself? Is this right and what does this do? I don't see the factory high beam "red" trigger wire in your pic. Where does that connect?
So...yellow (bike side) solenoid control wire goes to new 2 pin connector, right? Got it. Where does the "red" factory oem solenoid wire connect, that you also removed from the headlight wiring harness? What do you mean by "double terminate my feed wire"?
This uses the same type of contacts as the OEM headlamp connector so I could slip the OEM wiring into one end, double terminate my feed wire in with the other side, then loop the wire back around and into the OEM connector." Can you clarify for me?