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In response to your Dutch company question - Topigs Norsvin. located in Vught on outskirts of Den Bosch. Its a pig genetics company. Based in The Netherlands. I run the US company.
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I don’t know why, but just today got your reaction o_O. I don’t know the company but that doesn’t mind. It explains your name also a bit.

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Hello ZO6, I'm trying to get my S10 set up for trailering, and just read through the trailering thread. I see that you were making hitches for the S10, are you still doing that? If so could you give me details? I'm getting ready to purchase a used kwik kamp pop-up and hope to get it all working before the first of the year.
2013 XT1200Z Super Tenere, bought it used a couple years ago. I'm no pro, but think this is the perfect bike for my HQ in Colorado Springs, (previous was a big Twin-V road bike). It's fast enough on the twisties and competent on the dirt roads.
Onslaut, sale pending payment from another member but if he bails on me I will let you know. This shield fits all gen 1 tenere's 2012-2013

Do you still have that shim kit ? ~ Jaxon. ~TABASCO~

does it have a 1.90 ?

Thank you
I have a 14 non es that I suspect is running pretty lean bc it will detonate sometimes. Wondering if a flash will fix that and if you're still doing them. Thanks

Email is
Does it detonate constantly. Mine detonated a few times 5 years ago. I think it was bad gas. After I filled up. It has never done it again
First of all excuse my english! I'm not sure that this is a private message but i hope. Can you help me with adjustment of mcct graves, because manual on graves site is very confusing?
No problem. What have you done so far? Where are you located?
Hey Anthony, I am interested in getting the ECU for my 2014 S10 reflashed, would you be able to message me the details around how I can get it done, pricing etc.
Just bought a 2012 tenere and I am super happy with it. Great bike
Congratulations on your purchase. Post up some pictures when you get a chance.
Hello OldRider, I was wondering if you are still selling the spokes for the Tenere. I have a 2014 Gen 2 ES. UK Model.
I was after 4 for the rear, complete with the nipples. And another 2 spokes for the front, complete with the nipples, if you do fronts also ?
Would paypal be ok to pay with ?
I live in the UK, so the postage i no would be more expensive, to send them over the pond.
Might check your local post office with the tracking number
Tenere man
Hi Oldrider, The parcel has been delivered this afternoon, via our main postal service, Royal Mail.
Thanks for servicing the Tenere forum with the spokes, very grateful.
Many Thanks Tenere man.
Great news!! I hate it that they took so long to get there, but that's just the way things are working now.