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Hi Nelsonccc. I've never taken the assembly apart, so I can't really offer any advice on further disassembly. My email address is Thanks for this! I stupidly rolled my bike forward into the right box with the front tire when it was sitting on the garage floor with the lever tilted open. Snapped the lever right off!

How do I contact the person who flashed you bike?
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I use3d
I used Antony, his contact details are:- Send the ECU to:
Anthony Corcella
419 Ridge Road
Newton, NJ 07860

I love the flash and he turned it around in 3 or 4 days, I was without my bike for about 1 week total!!!
[QUOTE="petebcca, post: 294496, member: 2630"]Re: Service Intervals/ US

... Recently, I finally downloaded and printed the Service Manual (about 600 pages). ... [/QUOTE]

Where did you download it from? I have been searching for it.
I am interested in your side cases. Does this sale include the complete mounting kit? is there a top box? also what is your location (city or zip code).
no top case, all =mounting kit Whitehorse Yukon, Y1A 4W8
I'd like to buy your panniers, can you tell me shipped to Skagway Alaska or Whitehorse Yukon.
Hello and welcome. I am just down the road from you here in midlo. i have a 2012 with 59K on the clock. Why are you selling yours?
I'd like the parabellum windshield. Could you give a shipping cost to 75050. I can do paypal of whatever method you prefer. No particular hurry.
Installed a new Sargent Seat today. I think the shape is an improvement over the stock one, but the foam is as hard as a horse saddle. It's at least a half inch lower than stock, but wider so my reach to the ground is about the same. Moves me about a half inch further from the bars because I'm sitting lower or further back now. I sat on a used Strom recently that had a Sargent seat and it seemed much softer.
What year Tenere are you riding? My 12 needed some help but I never got around to getting it done. I just purchased a 2017 and it’s a much more responsive bike. Both had slip on exhaust but nothing else performance wise.
I've got the Cobalt Blue '17. Totally stock. No flash. It's quick and exceeds 120mph....easily, so I haven't seen the need for anything else. It's not an FJ/FJR, but it's not supposed to be. But, it'll also keep up with just about anything that you'll find on the street. Favorite bike, ever.
Sorry, I've been on the road from Vegas to Orlando. Unfortunately, I don't have my Tenere anymore, sold it a few years back. Not only that, the person I sold it to posted it for sale again here just a few months ago!

I can pin the thread to the top of the forum, I'm still learning the new software, so not sure if I can pin it on the front page, but I'll look into it.


I live outside of Albany, New York. Is it possible to come to you and have you remove the box and update it on my 2014 es?
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When I did the Ouray event, I think I had 95 on the books, and about 150'ish actually showed up. I remember you there, you know :)

Anyhow, your thoughts ?

Thanks ~ Jaxon
I've basically given up looking for it and just read it 'IF' it comes up in 'what's new'.... Can you guys make like a banner to promote or talk about this ? So many other forums do this to promote the group, friends, and 'THE' ride. Any how, just an idea... I don't think its going to gain much traction at all with out it being talked about each day. Other wise 10 guys are going to show up.
I pretty much stop by the forum about everyday and don't often see that 'Ride' posted or even talked about. I have a feeling its going to die on the vine. I don't know if you guys can or have any interest but I think we need to move this to the front page. You don't have to go look for it and search every time you want to see that post. For me, I'm not a computer guy, and its a DRAG trying to find it.
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