This loose sand is gonna get me


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Dec 1, 2014
Dallas, TX
steve68steve said:
Must be: my first biff was at the 2015 Polar Bear Rally, on the Saturday ADV B ride. You must be the guy two camp sites over who told me the whole painful story less than 24 hours before I re-enacted it myself. Then I did it again at another ADV campout (Sanjoh's) a few weeks later.

I agree about the S10's limitations: I've only been on deep sand once since then and it's just nerve-wracking. I'm not doing it unless I absolutely have to... and if I decide I have to, I'm getting a WR. I'm sure there's some super riders out there who can handle it, but I'm just not one of them, and I'm tired of screwing up my body and having to fix the bike.

Dallas?! When I leave this friggin' sandbar, it won't be for someplace just as hot, flat, and crowded.
Haha, Being in the main part of Dallas sucks. There are plenty of suburbs outside of Dallas with wayyy less people. Also, lower humidity means you can actually sit outside and not feel like you're dying. It's quite enjoyable :)


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Apr 7, 2016
Sydney, Australia
Ah yes sand, don't like it much ride it when I have to. A bit of an inauspicious start to my trip - day 2 of a 14 day 6,200km ride. About 15ks into this track and it was not getting any better - heavy bike plus 42kgs of gear and not concentrating on the track (was looking at the road sign) - drifted to the edge of the track and it was all over; a more off road oriented front tyre may have helped. I use Motoz GPS tyres a 50/50 tyre - have found that the front tends to float when its terrain is soft, deep and when you're giving the bike a bit of stick. Anyway, first and last spill on this that, no damage to man or bike.


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