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Updated for the new Xenforo forum on August 24, 2018:

The new system is pretty much like the old SmallMachines forum software, but with new twists that makes posting easier and gives multiple ways to do it.

METHOD 1 - Easiest:
You can put a photo right from your computer into your post, by clicking on "Attach Files" at the bottom of your post. Just drag your photo into the box which will open after you click on Attach Files."
The two downsides are (1) the photo(s) will be at the bottom of your post and (2) that the photo(s) will be relatively small until somebody clicks on it, then it should open for them.

METHOD 2 - Two ways to use a hosting web-site like
A. For both ways, begin by opening two windows, one here on YST/Xenforo for the thread you are trying to put the photo in, and the second window for the hosting web-site.

B. For either of these, first post the photo from your camera or phone to the hosting web-site. These include, Google, etc.

C. For your new post on YST, click the "Insert Image" icon, which is a square that sort of looks like it has a hill and sun or moon in it.
When you click the "Insert Image" icon it will open a little box.

C.1. WAY #1 - I've found the easiest method is to simply drag the image from your hosting window into this box.
Click the green Save at the bottom.

C.2. WAY #2 - For the second method, on the image showing in your hosting window, right click on the image and copy the URL for the photo.
Bring your cursor to the YST/Xenforo open box, look for the URL icon at the top of the box (looks like hand cuffs), click on that, and paste the URL.
Click the green Save at the bottom.
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