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    Headlight problem

    Rode to work last week and on the way home I noticed the headlights weren't working. I flipped the high beam switch on and off a few times and then eventually they came on; not sure if that caused them to come on or not. I've ridden it a couple times since then and it's still doing the same...
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    Redman tri

    Anyone on here happen to work the Redman Tri in OKC yesterday?
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    Bar risers

    Got em September last year. $60.
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    Garmin 590

    My old GPS finally burned out so I broke down and bought a 590. Not sure I'm happy with it yet considering how much it cost but one thing I'm not real happy about is the miles of cable I won't be using in the power cable. I know about the mod that can be done to it but I was just wondering if...
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    I just received my 3CS from Eastern Beaver and think it has the wrong plug on it. The plug that plugs into the bike has a little plastic divider, I guess you call it, and it doesn't look like its made for the plug on the bike. Can anyone tell me if its right or wrong before I try to force it...
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    Mounting Givi

    I miss having a had case that I can throw my stuff in, lock it up and not have to worry about it as much so I'm thinking of getting a Givi for my 15. For those of you that have em how do they mount on? I'm assuming I have to get the mounting bracket, the case itself won't mount straight to the...
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    Used bike waranty

    Does the factory warranty stay with the bike so if you buy it used and it's still under warranty does it transfer to the new owner? This the case all the time or do you have to do something to transfer it? Also I think I read where the extended warranty is another 4 yrs for around $400? Can you...
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    shipping new bike

    Anyone ever bought a new bike from another state and had it shipped to them without even going to the dealer? I'm in the market for a Tenere and was looking at a new 2015. Just looking on line it looks like I can get one out of state for several thousand less than close to me. Just got me to...
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    Anuter newbie

    Greetings all!! Think I have made my mind up on a Tenere so I thought I'd sign up and see what I can learn. Currently have a Goldwing and a DR650. Just came back from a 5 day 7 state trip on the wing up through Yellowstone. Been up there twice now and I see all the dirt roads and sure do wonder...