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  1. Thrasherg

    Wanted - Giant Loop Coyote or Great Basin panniers

    Anyone selling a set of Giant Loop Coyote panniers or Giant loop Great Basin panniers? Wanting to do some dual sport camping on my CRF450L and need some rackless panniers, the Giant loop look to be the best, but looking to save a few bucks and buy a used set instead of new. Please let me know if...
  2. Thrasherg

    Gen2 instrument panel bolts

    Okay peeps, I have a gen 2 super tenere and the 4 allen bolts on the corners of the instrument panel have started to go rusty and look nasty. I went to Yamaha to order 4 new screws but they only come with the complete fascia ($150). I unscrewed one of them and hey are a course self taping screw...
  3. Thrasherg

    Handlebar risers

    Hi peeps, I have a gen 2 super Tenere and I have handlebar risers, they raise the bars about an inch but they also move the bars backwards by 1.5 inches. I am getting a lot of shoulder pain and it feels like if the bars where further forward it would be better for me. Does anyone sell a riser...
  4. Thrasherg

    2015 ES Tenere

    Just rechecked my suspension and I need to add about 5 to 10mm of pre-load to the front forks, being an ES model, I don't think there is anyway to add preload at the front, but wanted to ask?, Rear was resprung 2 years ago and is still fine. Regards Gary
  5. Thrasherg

    Shipping motorcycle from Europe to USA

    Hi guys, I have a 1984 CR500 in France that I want to bring to the USA, it has the wheels removed and is strapped to a pallet. I have contacted a couple of companies in France to get a quote to ship it to the USA, the first quoted $2500 which seems excessive, and none of the other companies have...
  6. Thrasherg

    Good road tyres

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have ridden just over 6000 miles on my 2017 ES and noticed the rear tyre is very square (bald in the center) and the front has got exceedingly low tread on the sides (the middle is legal and the far edges are okay but halfway round (between center and edge) the tread has...
  7. Thrasherg

    2013 Tenere for sale

    Just listing for a good friend of mine the motorcycle is in excellent condition and has been well taken care off, he is asking $6700 OBO. Gary
  8. Thrasherg

    Always wear a helmet

    Stole form another forum that I belong to!! Made me smile so wanted to share it!!
  9. Thrasherg

    Disabling rear ABS

    okay peeps, I have seen several posts on disabling the entire ABS system, but I like the ABS for road use and also like the front ABS when off road, but I want to know if the rear brake/ABS can be disabled? I like to slide the rear end in the dirt to tighten turns by locking the rear wheel. The...
  10. Thrasherg

    2015-2017 Super tenere 1200 indicators

    gentlemen, I just bought a new super tenere and my wife bought a new FZ07, the indicators on the FZ are huge and ugly, I would really like to fit the indicators from my tenere to her bike, they will fit, but the set of 4 from Yamaha is more than $300!! Anyone know where I can get a set at a more...
  11. Thrasherg

    spare stock rims

    Hi everyone, I am loving my new tenere and ride a lot with my wife on the road, so the stock tyres are great, but I love off-road riding and would like to do some serious Dual sport riding (I have a road legal CRF450X for really serious off-road) but not with the stock tyres. I don't want to...
  12. Thrasherg

    Flashing stock 2015 SuperT

    Sorry guys, I did a search on flashing ECU on stock bikes and found many links on flashing ECU's but none that seemed to address my question, so I wanted to ask here. I just purchased a brand new display model 2015 Super Tenere ES, haven't actually ridden it yet, but am coming from an R1, so I...
  13. Thrasherg

    Modifying a madstad screen mount

    Okay guys, I just bought a new Super T and immediately (before even riding the bike) purchased a madstad screen and hardware. as soon as it arrived I fitted it to my bike, but I really hate the way it holds the screen so far away from the bodywork, there is a 1.5 to 2" gap between the screen and...