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  1. Philb714

    'De-catting' the headers.

    I was bored (I get bored easily)..... So I thought I would 'de-cat' the standard headers that I had hanging about in the garage after fitting some Arrow headers. Keyhole surgery was required I thought, so pass the forceps Doc.... I started off using (several) metal cutting discs on my Dremel...
  2. Philb714

    Dom’s Bike Stop.

    Dom’s Bike Stop, Leominster, Herefordshire, England. Leominster pronounced ‘Lem Stir’ for our friends across the Atlantic Pond! ;):)
  3. Philb714

    OEM Headlight Protector rubber grommet part number??

    Anyone got a part number for the rubber grommets that the OEM Headlamp Protector locks into at all? Mine are split on my 2010 XT and need replacing. I have asked Yam and they say its the whole kit or nothing... I may have to get some designed & molded at work if push comes to shove...
  4. Philb714

    Grease Nipple fitment to suspension Relay Arm.

    Thought I would post this modification that I did to my suspension link on my Ten this weekend. After stripping a couple of Tenere suspension linkages recently (with one of them being having a badly corroded bush & bearings :confused:…. nothing worse than a rough bush.... ) I thought I would fit...
  5. Philb714

    Anyone removed the adjustable damper?

    Has anyone removed the adjuster on the bottom of the fork legs? (Manual makes no reference to it that I can find). I want to do a quick fork oil change & rather than take the forks off I wondered if I could drain the fluid out the bottom Via the adjuster (measuring the amount drained) & then...
  6. Philb714

    OEM Standard Riders Seat wanted for 2010 UK Tenere.

    I'm after a Standard/Normal height OEM riders seat for my 2010 bike. (Must silver/Black and be in a reasonably good condition). (I have an OEM lower seat fitted).
  7. Philb714

    Shobden Airfield - UK

    First run out with my mates & their Tenors...
  8. Philb714

    Finally succumbed to pressure...

    Just bought a 2010 gen 1 Tenere. After helping fix / repair & otherwise faff about with my mates 'Tenors' over the past couple of years I thought I'd join the ranks of 'Tenor' owners after taking the piss out of them for so long.:):):) My day to day work bike is a XT600e (So a 1/2 pint 'Tenor'...