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    2021 Idaho Trip. July 22nd-August 7th

    Great RR! Thanks for taking us along. I’ve been out that way before and hope to again some day.
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    The next chapter...KTM Super Adventure S

    I thought they fixed that with the 1290 version. Maybe some insulating material under the seat pan?
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    The anything thread.

    That was my buddys Norge. I was following him thru the twistys and he slowed and was looking at his rear wheel. Funny how it penetrated.
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    Poll: Do you own a Super Tenere? Post a picture.

    In full camping regalia….
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    The anything thread.

    yeah, we couldn’t plug this one.
  6. VRODE

    Used HD PanAm

    I have to say they do look better in person. But not 22.5 better IMHO
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    Like a kid again...

    It's not just you. The ergos brought me back to my dirt bike riding days. The fact that I was now on a big, comfortable, shaft-driven, mileage muncher was just icing on the cake. Enjoy!!
  8. VRODE

    S10 Discontinued?

    I hear you. My ST has everything I need and nothing I don't. TFT screens are nice eye candy, but I don't really need it. And more rider aids might be a nice addition but I don't think they're worth a few grand to me. I'll ride it till it stops putting a smile on my face, I guess.
  9. VRODE

    S10 Discontinued?

    I'd bet on a 1100-1200 triple as the new big ADV platform for Yamaha. Or they could revamp the parallel twin concept. Either way, it's too big a market to ignore. Not so sure shaft drive will survive though. The GS was the benchmark last time, not sure that will be the case again.
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    New Honda 2022 NT1100 Model

    If I was looking for a street/touring rig, this would fit the bill. It's lighter than my current ride, but my current ride has shaft drive, cruise, heated grips, a larger tank, electronic suspension adjustment, and works much better on a dirt road, so I guess that bill is already (nicely) filled.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I took my S10 for an Adirondack ride today. Peak foliage but took most of the roads the touristas don’t know. Sunny in the morning, clouded up after lunch. 55-62 deg. Nice.
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    Hi from Croatia,

    Welcome from VT!
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    Hello from Europe

    Welcome from VT!
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    greeting from Finland!

    Welcome from VT!
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    What do we now think of the bike

    The knee was in bad shape. Not that I let it stop me from riding, but if it gets stronger I think I’ll only have to resist “new bike-itis” come spring.
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    What do we now think of the bike

    I keep having this problem with my ST. Let me explain…. I’ll be 66 next week and am coming off a knee replacement (Aug.2). My left knee/leg has been steadily getting weaker, and I’m not a younger man anymore, so I’ve contemplated (for the 4th or 5th time) getting a less tall and lighter bike...
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    Gen 2 ECU Reflash
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    Jerry in Asheville, NC

    Welcome from another ex-FZ1 owner. It's heavy but very flexible. Enjoy!
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    New Member from Istanbul!

    Welcome from VT, Luke! Enjoy your new ride!