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  1. taskmaster86

    SOLD - 2014 Super Tenere. Fully Farkled. CT/RI Area - SOLD

    2014 Yamaha Super Tenere, matte gray, with 8500 miles. The bike is in Groton, CT which is in the south eastern corner of CT. I love this bike and am only looking to try something else. If it doesn't sell, I will be perfectly happy keeping it. PM me here or email Sold I...
  2. taskmaster86

    California Scientific Medium Windscreen 2014 SOLD

    For sale is a Medium California Scientific windscreen for the 2014 and later (gen2) super tenere. It is in good shape with no real scratches but it has taken on a slight haze, which is the reason I am selling it. This screen sells for $185 plus about $25 shipping when new. Snag it for $120...
  3. taskmaster86

    Alpinestars Monofuse Boots - Size 11.5

    For sale is a pair of very lightly used Alpinestars Monofuse touring motorcycle boots. They have been worn about or 4 times, maybe 45 minutes total. They have no wear other than a minor scratch on one of the toes. These are size 11.5 American, size 46 Euro. They fit and feel just like every...
  4. taskmaster86

    Factory exhuast pipe

    For sale is the factory slip on exhaust for the Yamaha Super Tenere. It has about 3,000 miles on it and is in good condition. I am not too sure what these things go for or why anyone would ever want one but here it is, haha. $300 shipped CONUS or best offer.
  5. taskmaster86

    Yoshimura RS-4 Slip on Exhaust

    For sale is the very popular Yoshimura RS-4 exhaust. This part was installed and has about 1,000 miles on it. It was carefully removed and is in excellent shape. The DB killer/Silencer is still installed and could be removed. Before everyone asks why I am selling it, I tried the Arrow can and...
  6. taskmaster86

    Error code 041

    Well cared for 2014 Super Ten with 4,500 miles. It was stored away for winter properly and hasn't been started since the end of December. We have our first nice day in CT so I pull it out of the garage, charge the battery with a battery tender junior for a few hours and go to fire it up. The...
  7. taskmaster86

    Best slip on for touring?

    I know this topic has come up before but I wanted to add some of my own questions, without reviving an old thread. I know many other people have a similar question so I figured I would start a new thread. I am looking for a quality slip on exhaust that will be slightly louder with a better...
  8. taskmaster86

    ADV Boots vs Work boots?

    I wanted to pick your brains about motorcycle boots. I wear all the gear most of the time but I have never owned motorcycle boots, so I am newby when it comes to that. I am wondering if buying a pair of adventure/touring boots is a worth while upgrade to the regular Chippewa works boots I...
  9. taskmaster86

    Indexing forks?

    I know this may seem like a newby question but do forks have to be indexed or rotated to a certain position before they are tightened in the clamps? I couldn't see any type of index marks on the forks and I couldn't find anything about it in the manual but I am still not sure. I dropped my...
  10. taskmaster86

    How to remove flex in handlebars, 2014 and later models - FIXED!

    Update: If you are only interested in learning how to remove all of the flex from your handlebar mounts, please see reply#6 below. I have a 2014 S-10 and was wondering if anyone has ever removed the rubber handlebar mount washer/damper things? The 2013 and older models have solid machined...
  11. taskmaster86

    Wax/sealant for matte paint?

    I have the very popular matte gunmetal gray 2014 S-10. I am wondering what to wax or seal the matte gray paint on the gas tank with, if anything? I have found regular car wash can be used to clean the paint but I am really not sure about polishing, correcting or sealing the paint. On my high...
  12. taskmaster86

    New Super Tenere in south eastern, CT

    Hi guys, I took delivery of a very nice Gunmetal gray and black 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere last week! I am coming from a KLR 650 that I traded in to get my new Tenere. I have been lurking here for a little while but finally wanted to drop in and say hello. I already put over 100 miles on my tenere...