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  1. artemedes


    2018 Yamaha Super Tenere ES Blue 7885 Miles Topeka KS Clean and clear title in hand Asking price = $13,000 (no trades) The time has come to sell my dream bike. I wanted a Super Tenere since before the first batch made it to the USA. I finally bought this 2018 ES in Spring of 2019. I set it...
  2. artemedes

    Wanted: Front Wheel / RIM

    Do you know of a source for a front wheel or rim? I sent me wheel to Woody's Wheelworks to repair a dented edge. I sent them photos of it and was riding around on it before I sent it in and it seemed mostly fine, but apparently they gave me an optimistic quote. Apparently the hit that dented...
  3. artemedes

    Tenere in Topeka, KS

    Pretty sure I spotted a Tenere in my neighborhood shortly after 11:00am this morning. Anyone here? I have never seen another ST in the area before, so I wasn't expecting it. It wasn't until just after I waved that I realized those were Super Tenere headlights. I was also riding my ST. If...
  4. artemedes

    Lurk mode over

    I purchased my '18 ES about a month ago and have added most of the farkles needed for touring. Looking forward to some drier weather to actually ride the thing. Seems to have been an unusually wet spring here. I have been following the Super Tenere since 2012 and wanted one for a long time...