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  1. jrusell

    2013 Stock shock, Canada Only

    Stock shock off a 2013. 4500km on the shock when it was removed. Sorry not willing to ship across the border. If anyone in Canada is looking for a low mileage shock let me know. $200 plus shipping.
  2. jrusell

    2019 Lattitude pants, size 38. Canada only.

    Bought new January 2019. Worn 5-6 times, just a bit too big. In near new condition, no marks or issues, all armour included. At the current time due to covid and shipping delays I am not willing to ship across the border, so if anyone in Canada is interested let me know. $400 shipped.
  3. jrusell

    Shock service and preload conversion

    I just received my shock back from it's service. Last fall I noticed there was a light mist of oil on the hydraulic preload adjuster body. Never lost full charge, but it was set with 4m of additional preload and was now sitting with only 2mm. If it leaks one time I figure it will leak again...
  4. jrusell

    Fork work time

    As mentioned in a previous post I was planning to do some fork work this winter. I finally decided Gold valves and Sonic springs was the way I would go. Valves came in today so time to get the old stuff out and get it ready for the new stuff. I made a newer fork spring compressor last fall...
  5. jrusell

    Ohlins 30mm kit questions.

    If anyone has the FKA 106 30mm kit installed and wouldn't mind answering a few questions please send me a pm. Looking at a few options before spring and have a few questions on the 30mm kit. Thanks John
  6. jrusell

    ADV bike training

    There is an Adventure bike training course in Moncton, New Brunswick in 3 weeks if there is anyone in the NB/NS/PEI interested. Shane Scott is having the course at his track in Irishtown just outside Moncton. Look him up on Facebook or send me a message and I can send you a link to the details.
  7. jrusell

    Homemade case mounts.

    I originally wanted a setup that didn't require opening the cases to remove them. Time was tight last year so I went with a hockey puck system with internal knobs for the top mounts. After stumbling across RCinNC post on his case mounts a few weeks ago I decided to revisit my hockey puck...
  8. jrusell

    New Super Tenere owner from Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Finally back on an adventure bike. I have owned a couple of older R100GS's (89 and 91) and a F650dakar many years ago. Spare time has been spent club racing for the last 15 years and though I have always had a street bike of some sort my street miles have been limited to commuting. A big...