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  1. Dr Ratbagg

    The anything thread.

    ROPE START snowmobile-engined motorcycle weighing just 320 pounds, powered by a 150-hp Arctic Cat F7 700cc two-stroke engine.
  2. Dr Ratbagg

    Hello from northwest Washington

    Howdy neighbor, I'm in Ever-wett
  3. Dr Ratbagg

    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    That guy from the Goonies?
  4. Dr Ratbagg

    The anything thread.

  5. Dr Ratbagg

    So...what other bikes do you own?

    I have a similar vintage drill press for sale or trade. No delivery, you must haul it off.
  6. Dr Ratbagg

    What's your "MECCA" on your bucket list?

    Anywhere but Texas.
  7. Dr Ratbagg

    The anything thread.

    Quite a few years back a group of riders from the FJR forum had a similar activity. The difference involved a high powered handgun and a Barbie doll.