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    Yamaha Tech Academy videos on YouTube

    There is a YamahaTechAcademy channel on YouTube with some videos that have info on operation of FI components and simple diagnostic procedures on various Yamaha power sports models. The videos are pretty basic, and several are focused on the MX-V power mower engine, but they might be a good...
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    Symtec grip heater improvement

    Soon after I bought my new 2012 ST, I got a cheap Symtec grip warmer kit. ( The heating pads have two elements, a high heat element, and a low heat element. I wired them up with the...
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    Valve check - measure your thickness gauges!

    I bought a new feeler gauge set marked with inch and mm to check my valves with. Intakes were all mid-range, three of the exhausts were right at the tight end, and one exhaust was .01 mm too tight. I decided I didn't have enough time that day to pull the cam and finish it up, so I let it sit...
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    Throttle sync at cruise

    I use a Harmonizer to sync the throttle bodies at idle. It's easy to take the bike for a drive with the harmonizer attached, so I did. Unfortunately that alerted me to the fact that the intake vacuum is only balanced at idle, not under acceleration or steady cruise. Since the throttles share a...
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    Long Way Back

    I don't watch much sports on TV, but I do enjoy the Isle of Man TT races. I thought this bit about Ian Hutchinson making his way back to the pits was fun and slightly relevant to this forum: