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  1. Gcontroller

    2012 Super Tenere Low Seat

    Super Tenere Low seat off a 2012 used but in great condition no rip tears or fading. Asking $195 shipped from Cal.
  2. Gcontroller

    Moved on 2012 Super Tenere

    So after 2 years and 20,000 miles I have moved on from my Super Tenere. She has been a good bike. But I missed the hit of a good engine which as good as the motor is on the Tenere is it just didn't light my fire. But a great bike. I replaced it with the 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure. Great site...
  3. Gcontroller

    Installed Baja Desings OnX lights

    Installed my 8" Baja Designs OnX light bar yesterday. Fairly easy install. Light is amazingly bright pics don't do it justice at all. Very white light compared to the stockers. Got the 100/50/strobe switch pretty cool. But had to extend one of the grounds to get the switch where I wanted it...
  4. Gcontroller

    Hiedenau K60 for sale

    Hiedenau K60 new set of tires for sale. I went with a more street set of tires after I purchased these. Never mounted perfect shape. I will not ship $275 great deal...
  5. Gcontroller

    Arrow Exhaust, Headers, PV, & Auto Tune ordered

    Finally after 2 months and 4,000 miles I bit the bullet and ordered the Full Arrow Exhaust system and Power Commander V with Auto Tune. Mucho bucks but I have had good luck with the Power Commander, Ingition module and full exhaust system on my FZ1. I guess that is why I felt my Super T need a...
  6. Gcontroller

    Finally ran out of Gas

    Wanted to push the gas mileage and see what I could do on reserve. Well I did it today. I actually ran out of gas on the I5 freeway today just before the Lyons offramp which was up hill. Felt the bike shut down a couple of times when I gassed it so I pulled in the clutch in sixth gear and...
  7. Gcontroller

    Super T Break in ride day2

    Picked up the bike yesterday and continued breaking it in today. Covered 155 miles today for a whopping grand total now of 266 miles on the bike. Started in Stevenson Ranch and hit the Little Tujunga or Little T to the Big T or you guessed it Big Tujunga and then on to Angeles Crest Highway...
  8. Gcontroller

    My Tenere Day 1

    Picked up the Super Tenere today. Had to go rent a car drop it off and get back to the shop. The Avis place is right up the street from the shop so no big deal. I need some lunch so sales man told me to hit up the Elks Lodge for some top notch BBQ while they preped the bike. Which I did before...
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    Picking up my Super T tomorrow

    Picking up my Super Tenere tomorrow from Thousand Oaks Motorsports. Currently ride the FZ1 and the FZ6 before that. My current dirt bike is a Husky TE510. Lots of dirt riding and racing experience but I wanted a good solid adventure bike to go get lost on and camp out. Love the FZ1 and it's...