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  1. coastie

    2012 Yamaha Super Tenere rear shock for sale

    2012 Yamaha Super Tenere rear shock for sale. This shock has about 8k miles of mostly highway use on it. $125 + s/h, sold as is. If interested please contact me at Thank you. Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  2. coastie

    Revit Sand 2 for sale

    Large gently used Revit Sand 2 jacket for sale. This jacket includes a rain and insulated liner. No rips, all snaps and zippers work as new. Very slight wear on edge of front pockets, and can be seen in the pictures. $175 + s/h, sold as is. If interested please contact me at...
  3. coastie

    Stock 2012 shock for sale

    $175 plus s/h. If interested shoot me an email at Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  4. coastie

    New Wolfman Blackhawk Tank Bag for sale.

    SOLD! Never used Wolfman Blackhawk Tank Bag up for sale. $60 shipped in continental United States. That is a 50% savings! If interested please shoot me an email at Thanks! Sent from my SM-T800 using Tapatalk
  5. coastie

    Private message boards

    Maybe its just me, but the private message boards are very difficult to use and keep track of a conversation. Received and sent items are not kept in a chronological order on the same screen. You have to click between sent and received, to review a conversation. Can i change this with a...
  6. coastie

    Sargent Seat/OEM Parts for Sale

    Hello Everybody Looking to sell: 1) Sargent Seat Rider/passanger seat with blue piping. This seat is a 1st generation seat with no more than 600 miles on it. SOLD! 2) Rear OEM shock with yellow spring. Shock has about 15k miles on it. If your interested please email me
  7. coastie

    2014 Adventure Rally Series, Rockies Edition

    I dream about last years trip to Colorado often and really can't wait to go back. I really wish I was going to this, and look at that beast they used for the promotional picture! Anybody going? If so, please take LOTS of pictures for us...
  8. coastie

    Ridescorpio Is anybody using this? Thoughts? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. coastie

    Motorcyclist Magazine S10 Review

    I actually really could care less what these guys say. All you have to do is throw some horsepower under a Turd and they will be besides themselves with Joy. Anyway they gave it an "ok" review. Hopefully this is not posted somewhere else already...
  10. coastie

    Broken Oil Fill Cap

    So today I changed my oil, and as I went to put the fill cap back in place I dropped it. Well I watched a piece of it fly off. Then I remember Jaxon telling me that those two pieces of plastic on the side could very easily be broken by just dropping the bike. So I'm just making you all aware...
  11. coastie

    2014 Super Tenere ES.

    Very Cool, I'm not upgrading unless its new farkles to mine, but would love to see this come to the States.
  12. coastie


    I really really like a lot of KTM's lineup. The Adventure and Superduke are just cool looking machines and I like the look of their numbers on paper. They appear to be giving consumers what they want. I'm looking forward to following them for the next two years and if they prove to be reliable...
  13. coastie

    How to pick up your Tenere after you drop it. Because you will drop it!

    So you just got your $14000Ish Tenere all farkled up and head out to test her out on the nearest dirt road. You may have wished you got a KLR! Which Dual Sport Motorcycle is right for you? But you did not, and now you have dropped this heavy pig. How do you pick it up? Well, its going to go...
  14. coastie


    I get this notice logging on to the forum. I does not give me it when logging onto others. Is this something on my end or are others getting the same notice?
  15. coastie

    Changing out Spark plugs

    Hey all, I had not seen any pictures of this, so I snapped a few pictures for those who might be hesitant to do it by themselves. It was very easy. Not sure if there is any other way, but I just went ahead and pulled the tank off and removed the air box. Once that is off you will see the...
  16. coastie

    Puff of black smoke.

    Now I know my Tenere burns a bit of oil, so for the week before my current trip I monitored the oil and it stayed at the high level mark on the sight glass. While I was doing group rides in the Smokey's I had a few people tell me that I was puffing black smoke on the exits of most turns. I did...
  17. coastie

    Madstad support bracing

    So, I know a few of us have had trouble with the Madstad and how much it vibrates, especially in my case with the Garmin mounted on it. I was just horrible and only on the smoothest roads with no wind would it sit still. Another forum member gave me the idea, but I changed it up a bit. This...
  18. coastie

    Motorcycle Airbag Jacket/Vests

    These look interesting, anybody ride with one or had the unfortunate experience of testing one?
  19. coastie

    Windscreen Mount Stabilization HELP

    Hey everybody, I'm looking for ideas regarding my windscreen mount with attached GPS. I could pretty easily move the GPS to the handlebars on a ram mount, but I cant stand stuff on the handlebars, the ram mount for the phone is already to much. So the problem is with the gps mounted it bounces...
  20. coastie

    Travel computer for trip planning

    Hey all I'm starting to plan for my Colorado/Utah trip coming up. I will be using my Garmin Montana and right now I have Basecamp loaded onto my Macbook Pro. I'm not sure I want to bring my Macbook on the trip and thinking of possibly picking up a netbook. Something that I dont mind getting...