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  1. Mikeybikey57

    Madstad screen adjuster for sale in UK

    I have early Madstad screen adjuster for sale. It's the earlier version without the accessory bar and had been fitted to my 2011 S10. Complete with all fittings and now surplus to requirements. P.M. if interested . ::008::
  2. Mikeybikey57

    GIVI engine bars in UK (SOLD)

    I have a pair (and a R/H spare) of GIVI engine bars that came from my 2011 Tenere. They are all in used but very nice condition and come complete with all necessary fittings. Buyer can collect from N/E Derbyshire or I can parcel up and post to anywhere in UK mainland. £50.00 ono + £12.00 p&p ::008::
  3. Mikeybikey57

    Found myself a little strumpet.

    Given that for many folk, including yours truly, 2016 been a bit of a troubling year, I needed something to make the immediate future feel a little brighter. I have always wanted to have a second bike and something that I can fix using spanners rather than a laptop. Having had some heart...
  4. Mikeybikey57

    A new arrival in the shed

    Prior to my S10, I had a four year stint with a 05 Tiger 955i and before that, a nine year affair with a '98 Thunderbird Sport. The Tiger got me into the ADV bike scene but my TBS was the best fun to ride out over the back roads of the Peak District. I've hankered after another 900 triple for...
  5. Mikeybikey57

    Arrow header pipe advice

    After much deliberating and head scratching as to whether I should go a stage further with forking my S10, my mind was made up for me after I bagged a very clean set of Arrow headers for my S10, through flea-bay (see photo). I'm not planning to fit them just yet but I do need some advice, as...
  6. Mikeybikey57

    Can anyone in USA help?

    I've just purchased a new HJC IS-33 II helmet for summer use and have been looking to buy a peak visor for it. The only trouble is, it's neither a supplied or accessory item, over here in the UK or Europe. It would seem that this is only supplied with helmets , or as an accessory to HJC's U.S...
  7. Mikeybikey57

    Advice regarding a dodgy retailer

    Earlier last month I decided to bite the bullet and bought myself a Raid toolbox for my 2011 S10, from DS Bike Protection, who are based in Spain. When the box arrived, I found that the black paint finish was slightly damaged but as it wouldn't show when fitted to the bike, I didn't see it as a...
  8. Mikeybikey57

    I also WTB 2014-15 screen adjuster

    Just about to write this up when I noticed that polishadam82 had beaten me to it. ::) Still, it can't hurt to put it out there anyway, so here goes. Does anyone out there have an O.E. screen adjuster from their 2014-15 Tenere that they wish to sell on. Like polishadam82, I get a sense that some...
  9. Mikeybikey57

    I'm Spartacus!

    Only in America..........allegedly. :D :D :D
  10. Mikeybikey57

    They finally get it!

    It would seem that after many years of tacit indifference and damning with very faint praise, the UK motorcycling press finally understands what we have known and appreciated for a long time. After reading the new years BIKE magazine review of the new Honda AT, I looked at the page of...
  11. Mikeybikey57

    Uprating my headlights

    As the nights have been closing in, i've been riding in the dark more often and have noticed that my headlights are somewhat lacking in distance penetration and brightness. It's not an enormous issue and compared to the feeble AAA battery powered excuses for lights on my old Tiger 955i, they're...
  12. Mikeybikey57

    Can anybody here help a ham fisted pillock?

    I do rate myself as having a modicum of mechanical prowess but despite this, I managed to put a small but perfectly formed hole in my S10's radiator this morning (please don't ask, i'm humiliated enough already ::010::). I've checked out nearly all of the bike breakers in the UK, plus a few in...
  13. Mikeybikey57

    Ughhh! or Niiiice?

    Spotted on a used 13 Tenere in my local Yamaha dealers. Either a thing of beauty or as sacrilegious as nailing Susan Boyles' face onto Rachel Weisz? Discuss……... ::017::
  14. Mikeybikey57

    Suspension upgrade report.

    After much brain picking, (thanks Rasher) deliberation and endless analysis of the cost/benefit equation, I finally decided to upgrade my suspension. After deciding to have the shock replaced with a Wilbers unit and have the front forks re-sprung and re-valved, I booked an afternoon with the...
  15. Mikeybikey57

    Madstad screen adjuster

    I know it's not the right place to try and sell an item but i'm checking to see if any S10'ers in the UK want first dibs. I have a Madstad screen adjuster up for grabs. I bought it through fleabay about 4 weeks ago and can't seem get on with it, so i've gone back to my original set up. The...
  16. Mikeybikey57

    Which wire?

    I've just ordered myself an LED light bar for my S10 and am looking to wire it up so that it comes on with the main beam only. After looking at a lighting circuit wiring diagram, It looks like I need to tap into the L/B (Light Blue?) wire between the headlight relay and the headlight shutter...
  17. Mikeybikey57

    Look what landed on my doormat today...

    It's good to know that at least some of my farkles are adding no discernible weight. O:-)
  18. Mikeybikey57

    2014 clutch for sale.

    Just putting it out here, in case anyone might be interested. Amongst some other used S10 parts, there's a complete 2014 model clutch (basket, plates & diaphragm spring) up for grabs on e-bay for the very reasonable sum of £107 ($162), plus delivery. The seller is a bike breaker in the...
  19. Mikeybikey57

    Opinions on crash bars wanted

    I've had a run of slightly bad luck and have been involved in two minor accidents on my S10 this year. In both incidents my left side GIVI crash bar had sacrificed itself to protect my bike, but not nearly as well as i'd have liked. The first time, I ended up sustaining damage to the radiator...
  20. Mikeybikey57

    12,000 mile service

    I looking to take the opportunity to get my bikes 12,000 mile service done whilst it's in for some repair work, after being rear ended a few weeks ago. The service was originally planned for next spring but my dealer is offering me a fairly healthy discount if I get it done now, as he says the...