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  1. La Knee

    ST as a track bike ?

    I took the Tenere to the track last month and had a BLAST! It was my first time so i spent alot of time in the classroom which i also enjoyed. I felt very comfy and i was holding my own in the corners and 135 mph was fast enough for me in the straights!! Has anyone here had there ST at the...
  2. La Knee

    Can i locktite the spokes ?

    My spokes are coming loose at an alarming rate . I check them every couple rides and find at least one loose spoke.I dont ride offroad but i do ride hard, two up , and one trackday at millville NJ ) I loved it and cant waite to go back) any suggestions ...
  3. La Knee

    Wanted spoke nut ( the threaded piece)

    I lost a spoke holder does anyone wanna sell one for the rear wheel ? THANKS Lonney
  4. La Knee

    Engine gasket removal?

    What do you use for removing engine gaskets ?
  5. La Knee

    Odometer reading

    Happy 4th of July everyone (Mericans) Since our speedometers are off by 7%- 10% does this affect the mileage on the odometer?
  6. La Knee

    found thanks for the replies

    found thanks for the replies sorry for not removing sooner
  7. La Knee

    My steering head nut fell off !!

    I have 12,000 miles and never touched the nut . I hope the pics come through .
  8. La Knee

    Done anything stupid lately ?

    I was dusting and replacing lightbulbs on a ladder in my bathroom (in slippers) . Soooooo i think i found out WHY they are called SLIPPERS I fell and broke the faucet handle with my tailbone I was aming for the tub but i came up short man that hurt !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. La Knee

    Puig touring winshield $75 shipped

    SOLD THANKS Hello i have a barely used Puig SOLD THANK YOU touring winshield with the original paperwork warranty card and sticker . Its in exellent condition !! $75 including shipping and paypal
  10. La Knee

    Why is my bike hard to move ?

    My bike is hard to move when in gear with the clutch pulled in. When I start the bike its easier to move it but it still feels like there is something dragging when I try to move the bike . Last month at 9,500 mi my rear brake pads were shot so I thought my caliber was sticking so I cleaned and...
  11. La Knee

    YOSHI RS4 $275 used

    SOLD SOLD THANKS $275 used delivered Great shape SOUNDS GREAT no scrapes maybe small scratches it is USED and NO supressor included . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk IM KEEPING IT THANKSVFOR LOOKING
  12. La Knee


    No scratches didnt work for me and im just passing it along $60 includes paypal and delivery to the 48 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. La Knee


    SOLD THANKS SOLD THANKS SOLD THANKS FOR SALE $270 delivered to the 48 states including paypal MAKE OFFER I bought this pipe when i noticed the Yoshi was burning the plastic on my ST Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. La Knee

    blleeding brakes quetion

    I have 9400 miles on my 13 ST non ES . My back brakes were shot and I am not a big rear brake user . I mainly use them for slow stuff and OH CRAP moments . The brake fluid was black so I flushed it took it out activated the abs and reflushed it and cleaned,lubed and installed new pads. My...
  15. La Knee

    WANTED Corbin rear seat

  16. La Knee

    yoshi sound supresser removal

    Hello i have a yoshi rs4 pipe . Is the plastic end cap a sound reducer and can i remove it ? i can see there is a bolt that is tack welded but there is not enough room to get the bolt out without damaging the endcap which i dont care about. thanks for any advice.
  17. La Knee

    wanted kickstand foot, topbox with plate

    I need everything!! topbox,kickstand foot, thanks
  18. La Knee

    How many people from the East region have or had a Honda ST or a Yammi FZ ?

    Hello small world!! It seems like I've seen more than half of you guys on the Honda ST or the Yammi FZ site. Well we all have good taste in bikes!! peace. Lonney
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  20. La Knee

    Hello from the mushroom capitol of the world

    Hello from Kennett Square PA . I have a grey 13 non es. I'm almost 50 and I bought this bike strictly for the suspension and I'm very happy with the bike . I am a long time Honda man And I'm embarrassed to say that they don't have a bike in the Us that I would buy new today . I do have a cherry...