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    "Himalaya Calling"

    It's a pretty good Doc. I've seen some of Erik's other ride videos and they are well done. He's pretty good with setting up shots and drone footage. I liked the fact that it was 2 guys by themselves and not a group with a full support team.
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    Super Tenere Video

    Beautiful scenery. Nice documentary Why don’t they wear gloves I wonder?
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    Is this political? I don’t know - POLL ADDED

    Shirley, you can't be serious?! Don't you realize your engine will esplode!
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    Is this political? I don’t know - POLL ADDED

    As a born and bred (upstate) former New Yorker, this is exactly right. You have to live thru it awhile to feel how bad is sucks.
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    Sometimes the latest bling comes with a price. I admit. when I first saw the TFT screens on the 1190 I was amazed and thought it was extremely cool. But in reality, did I need that kind of screen to relay the pertinent data I'd use when riding? Not really. It's jewelry for guys, in a way. I...
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    New to me 2015 in NOVA

    Congrats and welcome!
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    Is this political? I don’t know - POLL ADDED

    I trust my dog.
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    Will you take the vaccine

    I work part time in health/home care. Found out we're eligible (it's the wife's business) and I'm due to get the vaccine Monday.
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    What's on your desktop today?

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    3DPrinted Extended Hand Guards for the S10! (New clear post)

    I’ve been thinking about just a little more coverage from the stock hand guards for awhile. These fit the bill! It’s very cold here and I had to warm them up a bit, but they clipped in nicely. I believe they are the answer, thanks!
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    Is this political? I don’t know - POLL ADDED

    I just wanna know where my $2000 is. These farkles ain’t gonna buy themselves!
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    What stuff to get to ride from 0° to 35° celcius ?

    I don’t ride in the winter here much. Too much ice, snow and salt on the roads. However, I’ve ridden in cold springs/autumns plenty. Currently, Kilm Latitude, heated jacket, Neck warmer, winter riding gloves, Darien pants, keeps me warm enough down into the 30’s. Colder than that and it’s no fun...
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    New Model?

    Yamaha might go with a larger triple (1200) to slot into the large ADV segment. Should be ample for hp/torque considerations. I’m thinking more Road ADV than single trail worthy (that’s what the T700 is for). Hopefully, it’ll be lighter and livelier.
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    $800 car road trip?!??

    As has been stated, soon she’ll be busy with life. Take the road trip. The car seems ok (don’t know if you’ll need snow tires). Have a safe trip, it’s sure to be an adventure!