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  1. Gcontroller

    2012 Super Tenere Low Seat

    Super Tenere Low seat off a 2012 used but in great condition no rip tears or fading. Asking $195 shipped from Cal.
  2. Gcontroller

    Moved on 2012 Super Tenere

    So after 2 years and 20,000 miles I have moved on from my Super Tenere. She has been a good bike. But I missed the hit of a good engine which as good as the motor is on the Tenere is it just didn't light my fire. But a great bike. I replaced it with the 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure. Great site...
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    2 pairs of motoport air mesh kevlar pants

    I'll take the grey pair. Contact me so we can work out shipping and payment.
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    No idle and high idle problem

    Re: Idle speed problem min 800 max 3500 1/8/15 update bike is at at 15,000 miles. I have followed the dealers suggestion and have been using Engine Med RX in every tank it's only 1 ounce. The bike is running great. I failed to mention they did replace the plugs as well last time they only...
  5. Gcontroller

    No idle and high idle problem

    Re: Idle speed problem min 800 max 3500 Update so far so good. No issues in the last 1000 miles. Have continued to use the fuel treatment the dealer suggested. Will continue to put more miles on the bike but so far she runs great. Time will tell.
  6. Gcontroller

    No idle and high idle problem

    Re: Idle speed problem min 800 max 3500 Ok so bike back in the shop again for the same issue I reported earlier. This time it was in the shop for 13 days on top of the 5 days it was in the first time. The solution? They synced the throttle bodies and suggest I run engine med in every tank...
  7. Gcontroller

    No idle and high idle problem

    Re: Idle speed problem min 800 max 3500 I have the same problem. The dealer had the bike for 5 days. Their solution from Yamaha at the time was to run 5 bottles of Engine Med RX in one tank of gas. Really?? It didn't work and has only gotten worse. I have no faith in the bike now as it...
  8. Gcontroller

    No idle and high idle problem

    Re: Idle speed problem min 800 max 3500 Similar problem here recently started at around 10,000 miles stalled at a stoplight wouldn't start. Other times the idle was around 800 really weak. Shut off the key turned it back on and it fired right up. Pull into a gas station and the revs are...
  9. Gcontroller

    Tenere fuel range/tank volume

    Re: Real tank size I got 251 miles ona single tank. Now I did run out of gas and luckly coasted dead engine into a gas station. Lucky me. When I filled the tank it only took 5.5 gallons. So plan on 5.5 gallons of fuel. I usually hit reserve around 200 miles. Hope that helps.
  10. Gcontroller

    Installed Baja Desings OnX lights

    Installed my 8" Baja Designs OnX light bar yesterday. Fairly easy install. Light is amazingly bright pics don't do it justice at all. Very white light compared to the stockers. Got the 100/50/strobe switch pretty cool. But had to extend one of the grounds to get the switch where I wanted it...
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    You want 'cruise control' for $20?

    But I like what you did good thinking. If it works WTF.
  12. Gcontroller

    You want 'cruise control' for $20?

    Because it looks like that. Geeze were talking $20 bucks. I have one they work well on stock grips but slip quickly on gel grips. Not recommended for them when I purchased mine at Laguna Seca Moto GP. Overall on stock grips I works pretty good.
  13. Gcontroller

    Metallic "ticking" at 3,000-3,200 RPM

    Similar issue with my FZ1 after installing different headers. Come to find out it is just a harmonic vibration as the bike passes that rpm range. I have a 2012 with 9,800 miles I ride with ear plugs when I take them out and ride I hear all kind of different sounds. But the bike runs great...
  14. Gcontroller

    Hiedenau K60 for sale

    Re: Hiedenau K60 for sale SOLD Tires are sold. Thanks all for the interest.
  15. Gcontroller

    Hiedenau K60 for sale

    Thanks man Santa Clarita
  16. Gcontroller

    Hiedenau K60 for sale

    Hiedenau K60 new set of tires for sale. I went with a more street set of tires after I purchased these. Never mounted perfect shape. I will not ship $275 great deal...
  17. Gcontroller

    Demand for Wasp style Tenere stickers...

    I'll take a set maybe red on a black bike? Silver? Let me know.
  18. Gcontroller

    Arrow Exhaust, Headers, PV, & Auto Tune ordered

    Also orderd a K&N filter off the jungle. I need to move some air.
  19. Gcontroller

    Arrow Exhaust, Headers, PV, & Auto Tune ordered

    Finally after 2 months and 4,000 miles I bit the bullet and ordered the Full Arrow Exhaust system and Power Commander V with Auto Tune. Mucho bucks but I have had good luck with the Power Commander, Ingition module and full exhaust system on my FZ1. I guess that is why I felt my Super T need a...
  20. Gcontroller

    Sargent Seat - Rock hard

    My experience with Sargent seats was hard. Hard ass foam but better shape then the stock FZ1 seat. That being said the overall concept of Sargent seems to be hard foam but good shape. I wish they would put some less hard foam on the seat because they shaped it well. I had a similar experience...