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  1. kraigd

    2012 Tenere Parts Seat shock windshield and more needed

    Looking for 2012 Tenere parts, Corbin seat or other options. Taller windshield, Penske shock or other options, , 865-919-19 one five I am in Knoxville tn.
  2. kraigd

    2012 Tenere SOLD

  3. kraigd

    Full set of Caribou luggage Sold

    SOLD. So I had to review my rec. I forgot about a few options that made my cases so exp. I bought the tie down brackets bag liners and inner bags (Keeping these) and lock set. Side cases new 825.00 with Hepco Becker “Lock-It” side racks + 45 +43+25+ shipping= $about 1000.00 for side cases. Top...
  4. kraigd

    So I went back to BMW GSA

    I sold the S10 after 20,000 miles in 11 months and went back to BMW. I liked the yamaha but as always when I try a new make or model I say the same thing, " Its a nice bike but still does not feel like the BMW". I love the reliabilty of Yamaha and dealer network but it does not have the...
  5. kraigd

    Tenere Sold

    Bike is sold I bought the bike new 11 months ago. Bike has been serviced by me. Oil changed with full synthetic every 4k. Final drive changed with full synthetic 4 times. I have put 19,000 miles on it. Looks and runs like new. If you bought a new S10 for 12,500.00 then added all the options...
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  7. kraigd

    BMW Anonmous Book Just an idea.

    Just an idea and not sure how to put this together but !. Bmw owners group has this great book that list thousands of BMW owners that are willing to help in one way or another all over the country. I have a feeling this was done because the dealer net work is so small. We do not have this...
  8. kraigd

    dumb ? Missing rear spoke, safe to ride ?

    As I rolled the bike out for pre ride inspection I noticed a spoke had come loose. It was attached at the rim but fell out of the hub. It damaged the rim and removed a nice chunk of metal out of my swingarm . The reason I am pissed is I check my spokes all the time. I have owned many BMW GSA's...
  9. kraigd

    6 months 12k miles Great scoot

    X BMW GS owner enjoying the hell out of my S10. Well time always tells the truth and the truth is this bike just keeps getting better and better. 12k miles in 6 months and I enjoy pushing the problem free start button every time. Just thought I would pass on one mans worthless thoughts. ::021::
  10. kraigd

    Our own consumer reports Good or bad

    I thought we should start a thread to help a company that is selling good stuff for our S10s do well and keep us from buying crap. Things I have bought. 1. Factory tank bag is perfect. 2. Givi crash bars for the money are great. 3. Parabellum 26" tall windshield work very well 3. Caribou...
  11. kraigd

    How many miles do you have on your S10 Any Problems ?

    Going in the garage to give the S10 some lovn. Bike just hit 5k in 9 weeks and time to change oil and final drive. Going to get out the yamaha oils and put in what it will have for the rest of its life. Rotella T-6 full syn and Amzoil 75-90 full syn in the rear. I am thinking 100k should be no...
  12. kraigd

    X BMW GSA owner hits 5k miles in about 9 weeks

    I posted in one of the BMW GS vs S10 threads that I have owned many GS and GSA BMWs over the years (about 15 GSs 28 total BMWs 60 ish total MCs) and I was looking forward to comp the bikes. After going well over 200k miles on just the GS model and many more miles on all makes and models of bikes...
  13. kraigd

    600 miles service 4.5 qts of oil WTF

    Took the bike to local dealer for 600 mile service. Looked at the bill and I was charged for 5 qts of oil. This raised a red flag, as we know the bike holds 3.59 qts with oil filter. So I asked the question we would all ask, why? The service manager asked the tech what was the deal and why so...
  14. kraigd

    Video Library of mods or maintenance

    I find watching someone do something in a video to be most helpful. Something as easy as removing a back rim to change a tire can be odd the first time. I know making a video might be a pain in the Ars but you will feel the love when it helps people out. I would pay 5.00 or so to see something...
  15. kraigd

    Firts 100 miles today

    ::012::Just got back from the 1st ride on my new 2012 Tenere. Only put 100 miles on it, but here we go. Great feeling bike, feels like the 2007 Tiger 1050ABS I sold 6 months ago, with better suspension and brakes. I need a bigger windshield at 6'4" I am in the wind. It feels very very solid and...
  16. kraigd

    Bought bags today, Not Yamaha

    I have looked and studied for 2 days. After reading post about factory bags and seeing them in person I feel they will not hold up for what I need. Hepco Becker xplorer look good but for $1800.00 shipped I will need a Happy ending and not sure how they will hold up as well. I looked at many...