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  1. motomuffin

    2016 North East Adventure Rally: Harrisville NH Jul 8-10

    Hey fellow SuperTen riders: We're invited to come camping and riding for a weekend with the ADVRider, Yankee Beemer, GS Giants crowd at Field and Forest Recreation in Harrisville NH July 8-10 2016. It's a beautiful campground, the campground owners are avid...
  2. motomuffin

    S10 T-Shirts?

    So, yes, I'm a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC new SuperTen owner, and found a complete lack of swag for these bikes. What's up with that?? A friend of mine is a designer and just banged this together, and I thought it was perfect. I'm totally putting it, in Yamaha (traffic) Red, on a bright blue t-shirt...
  3. motomuffin

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hey all! I'd been lusting after the SuperTen for a year, and last week on my birthday the demo truck came to my local dealer so I took one out... and came back and bought one (damn their marketing tactics). It's a leftover 2013, in white. I picked it up Monday evening the 25th and have 1200...