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  1. StanBo

    NJ Super Tenere Spotted!

    Saw a nice blue tenere with engine guards and farkles near a small airport in NJ. Sorry was following a group and didn't know the area well. Two very nice tenere's yesturday in the Del Gap area. Both had the same roll bags on the back of their luggage. Rear one was that nice tan color...
  2. StanBo

    Wanted - OEM Super Tenere 1200 Side Cases and Brackets

    I have a 2019 ES and I am looking for a set of oem side cases with brackets. Paypal ready. Located in Central NJ. Thank you for looking!
  3. StanBo

    Central NJ Bike Nerd

    Recently picked up a leftover S10. Loved riding it onto the trailer and into the garage. Farkling is started thanks to the wealth of knowledge posted in places like here and ADVrider. Rode my Versys 650 cross country last year and up to Nova Scotia. They were great rides but a bit much on...