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  1. Skytower

    Givi Water/Oil/Gas Tank TAN01 replacement cap seal

    I have a pair of their tanks, and use one for water, the other, gas. The cap's seal rotted out after 2 months of gas use. Has anyone found a replacement seal? Givi only offers a replacement cap. No seal In the meantime I'll be measuring and looking for an o-ring.
  2. Skytower

    Planning a trip to NY?

    If you haven't found it already, there's a site that'll show you where you can find all of the outdoor activity locations available: DECinfo Locator It starts out with the Environmental Quality tab open. Click on the Outdoor Activity tab, then scroll down to check the box of the activity you're...
  3. Skytower

    Towing and tying down the S10

    I'm going to have to tow mine back to VA in the next few months. Will probably be using a 6x12 enclosed U-haul trailer, and getting a Condor wheel chock. I'm curious as to how others get it done
  4. Skytower

    JW Speaker 8691 Adaptive Lights as Aux Lights

    Finally got all the parts together to install them. They sit atop a Dakar bracket, and a Harley headlight extension. I had to use an 8mm Sockethead Capscrew, instead of the included 3/8" one to mount it to the bracket. Also had to add some starlock washers on top, mid, and below the bracket to...
  5. Skytower

    Anyone mod their handguards?

    I'm looking to either mod the stock handguards, or buy existing handguards, that have louvers/vents that open and close. 85f+ gets pretty swampy in summer gloves... I'd rather not have to switch between two sets of handguards, or drill holes in the factory guards and carry plugs, if possible.
  6. Skytower

    Givi skid/oil filter issues, and Givi crash bars with T-Rex Hwy Peg issues.

    Fyi: If you plan to use an oil filter with a wrench nut on the front, don't. It's an interference for the Givi skid, and the bolts won't line up. Don't fret if that's what you're about to install. A hacksaw will make quick work of the nut. Ask me how I know ;) Also, the T-Rex Hwy pegs won't...
  7. Skytower

    Adaptive Cornering Lights

    Anyone using, or have used, JW Speaker's adaptive cornering headlights as aux lights?
  8. Skytower

    74MPH speed limit on Givi Outback Trekker Cases :O

    I know that is the recommended speed limit, and 22 LBS is the weight limit... Buuuuuut, what's the fastest anyone has gone with them loaded up?
  9. Skytower

    Fixin' to

    I'm about to pull the trigger on a new 19. Already ordered panniers, top case, skid, and crash bars. Anyone want to buy a 2003 BMW K1200RS, 71k miles, J&M radio, Kuryakyn iso grips with rest, stock side cases, and Givi top case. Slow seep from the oil pump(less than a quart per 5k miles)...