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    Front wheel with no-mar tire changer, remove one of the rotors?

    For those with a no-mar tire changer, did you remove one of the rotors from the front wheel or no problems with both rotors still on when changing the tire? Thanks...
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    Sorry guys, traded in my Super Tenere for a GSA...

    April fools!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    DIY Seat Gel Pad Installation

    Ordered a Gel Pad kit off ebay, read the instructions and watched a good youtube video. Appears pretty easy. Looked the ST10 seat and simple staples. That said, has anyone removed their seat cover? Wondering if also glued down or just the staples holding it? (Or any other useful...
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    Brake level slack?

    On my Super Tenere, the end of the front brake lever has about 1" movement for full braking (and about 1/2 inch before braking begins). I did an initial bleed, but that didn't help. Before I do a more aggressive bleed, how is the front brake level movement for others? As I have multiple...
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    Interesting Videos

    Thread for interesting videos... A Super Tenere playing at the beach Yamaha XT 1200Z in action!!!
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    Wish Yamaha would bring the XT660Z Tenere to the US

    Would be nice if Yamaha would bring the XT660Z Tenere to the US. Maybe with the success of the Super Tenere they will think about.
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    SAE Battery Plug

    Need to attach a SAE plug to my battery for an aircompressor/charger/etc. Found this for only $4.20 (free shipping for those with a Prime account),, just need to drop in a...
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    SW Motech Tank Quick Lock, which bolt?

    I just received my SW Motech Tank Quick Lock and the instructions had three different size bolts listed for "Yamaha" and that I should choose the correct length. For those that installed it, which one (short, medium, or long) did you use? Thanks, Rynn PS: I guess I could try each one, but...
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    Mod to AltRider side stand switch guard.

    The front tab on the AltRider side stand switch guard was a little too close to the engine case for my taste. Bent it 90 degrees and ground it down a little. Can't tell from the picture, but the side stand switch cable is about an inch from the guard itself.
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    lithium soap based grease?

    What are people using for "lithium soap based grease" as specified by Yamaha to lube some parts?
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    Online sources for OEM parts.

    So far, the only online (US) source for OEM parts for the 2012 Super Tenere that I have found is . I ordered a few things and my initial impression is great. That said, I'm curious of other options. Other sources for OEM parts?
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    Any body static dropped their bike (yet)?

    Just wondering if anyone has static dropped their bike (eg, foot slips at a stop and down it goes), what type of production did you bike have at the time, and what was the damage.
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    Crashbar and ease of side panel removable...

    For the following crashbars, how would you rate the ease of removing the side panels (both). 1 = Easy, 2 so-so, 3 PITA, 4 must remove the bars. R&G Adventure Bars? SW-MOTECH Crash Bars? Hepco&Becker Crash Bars? (From the pictures, appears to be a 1 for both sides). GIVI Crash Bars...
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    The Super Tenere Workout...

    Repeat every day...
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    Eastside MotoSports (Bellevue, WA) has two ST (black) in stock.

    Picked up my Super Tenere from Eastside MotoSports in Bellevue, WA and they still have two left (in black).
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    Anyone have SW-MOTECH Crashbars with foot pegs?

    Anyone have the SW-MOTECH crashbars with their foot pegs? I love to see a picture of the combo together. (I assume the foot pegs have an up and down position).
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    Options for that space under the head lights.

    Just under the head lights (2012 US version) really looks like Yamaha couldn't get a part and decided to ship anyways. Q1. Do the 2011 versions have the same issue? Q2. Has anyone tried the Headlight Bezel from TourTech...
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    50/50 Tire Recommendations?

    Any specific recommendations for 50/50 tires?
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    Photoshop experts? Touchup ST photo in red and yellow.

    Any Photoshop (or like editor) users out there? I'm interested in seeing a photo of a blue ST in red (ie, blue parts repainted to red in the photo editor). And other version with the parts in yellow. Could just start with the stock Yamaha photos. Thks.