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    SOLD Helibars riser

    Helibars Tour Performance Handlebar Riser for Yamaha Super Tenere 2014 onwards $80 - Paypal - Brand new in the box. Includes shipping included in lower 48.
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    Rox Riser with anti vibration

    Has anyone bought a set of the new Rox Risers with the anti vibration? I need to add risers and am just wondering if they are worth the extra money over the standard set.
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    Madstad bar blocking turn indicators

    Well I put the MadStad mount and windshield on the bike last Thursday after work. Tinkered around with it to fine the optimal position. One thing I noticed is that the heavy support bar that goes just above the dash blocks the turn indicator lights. Has anyone figured out a slick method to see...
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    Seat comparison

    I see that a few guys have bought the Terry seat which look like a Russell Day Long seat. I have had the RDL seat and am wondering how the two compare. Anybody had both seats?
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    Newbie questions

    Hello, 1st time posting. 1st Adventure bike. 12 years and 250K miles of riding experience on Cruisers and sport touring bikes. Picked up a new 2020 ST yesterday. I had a 300 mile ride to get home and used to the bike. A couple of things bugged me so I started studying what might be the...