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    New Yamaha Tenere 1200 really noisy

    When slowing down there is really a lot of transmission noise, this comes about when coming off the throttle and sounds like both Final Drive and gearbox lash,does this become Less noisy as it gets older as my older version seem quieter. Thanks Tony Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Ohlins Suspension

    I have a 2012 1200 Tenere with Ohlins on the rear and Uprated Springs at the front, the old girl really handles, would like to purchase a 2016 model but only if I can swap the ohlins over, are they a direct swap or is the newer model different, as the Ohlins for that model does not seem to be...
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    Cooling fan has stopped Working

    Hi Can anybody help, on my Tenere the Cooling fan has stopped working, have checked the Fan which is working fine and swapped relays and this makes no difference, just wondering if there is a temperature sensor to activate the fan within the radiator. Thanks Tony
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    What I did to cure my Tenere 1200 problems

    When I bought my Tenere there where problems like rough tick over, uneven running, restrictions when accelerating in 3rd gear whilst in T mode and CAM chain noises, this engine had only done 9000 miles, after 2 visits to different Yamaha Dealers it was discovered the CCU was misreading the...
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    Major Problems with My Tenere 1200

    After being in the second Yamaha dealership they are unable to cure a problem where for no reason the tenere alternates between running on two cylinders and then onto 1 then back onto two, tick over is hopeless as it goes to stall then revs to 1400, they have between the two garages checked...
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    Ref tickover and rough running on a tenere 1200

    Hi looking for a bit of help, I have 2012 Tenere with 9000 miles and the problem I have is when ticking over it appears to stall and then suddenly picks up and revs to 1300 or 1400 before returning to 1000 on númerouse occasions, Also on occasion the engine justs cuts out when comming of the...
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    Ref temperature hike when in traffic

    I am just wondering if it is normal for a Tenere 1200 which runs normally at 75 Degrees, when in traffic or standing at lights the temperature shoots up in such a way that you can see the digits on the display climbing up to 104 Degrees before the fan cuts in and takes it back down to 94, is...