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    Service Manual Recommendations for 2019 Super Tenere ES

    I just bought my 2019 Super Tenere ES Friday. I have always performed my own routine maintenance and some more complicated service projects on my other bikes. I like to have a shop manual that I can refer to, but they vary in quality. Does anyone have any suggestions for this bike. The...
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    Racks for GIVI DLM36B Dolomiti 36 Liter and 46 Liter Dolimoiti Top Case

    I just ordered the Givi DLM36B Dolomiti Black Line 36 Liter Aluminum Panniers as well as the Givi Trekker Dolomiti 46 Liter Monokey Top Case (Also Black). The salesman/manger at the Cyclegear store where I ordered these told me that they came with the racks and everything needed to mount it...
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    Hauling A Super Tenere in a Truck

    Looking at at a Super Tenere that is about 10 hours from me. There isn't a really good option of someone going with me to drive my vehicle back and am considering driving my truck down. Has anyone ever loaded and hauled this bike a standard 1/2 ton truck bed? Did you have any issues...