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    S10 Fork Cartridge options

    During a recent service/revalve, it became apparent that the anodizing inside the damping cartridge tube (where the midvalve piston slides) has worn away. These cartridges were pretty mediocre anyway, even after lots of work, and I'd like options to replace them. As I see it my options are...
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    HELP! no start/no fuel pump this morning

    Good morning gents and ladies, I have a quandry. I get all geared up this morning, pull the bike out, put the key in and turn the ignition on, stab the starter button and - nothing. The fuel pump does not cycle when you turn the key on. The starter button does not attempt to turn the...
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    Tenere's can SWIM!

    Just wanted to share this little gem from last weekend's dual sport ride put on by the Coconino Trail Riders,
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    Wierd front wheel hop, HELP!

    So, for the last two sets of tires (which shall remain un-named, two different brands/styles) the front wheel has developed a hop at around 35-40 mph. It feels like a badly out of balance wheel, but only in that range, so I'm thinking resonant frequency. Slower and it stops, faster and it...
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    Twisted Throttle throttled my review! SW Motech skid

    So I will not be buying from TT any more if for no other reason than they censored my review! I guess there is a reason there are 0 reviews on this product; they're all bad! Also, they flat out lied about the thickness of their plate when I directly asked them in an email. So here it is in...
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    FIX for HSC damping (forks)

    First I'll preface saying that I don't want to take any business away from Nick of Stoltec Moto and highly recommend him if you are at all uncomfortable doing your own work. This modification will not get you to the same level as his work. but it is a significant improvement over stock...
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    Happy new S10 owner in Flagstaff, AZ!

    Good afternoon, all! My name is Kenny and I'm a motorcycle addict. I've been riding bicycles since I was small and motorcycles religiously for about 5 years now. I currently have in my garage a KTM 450 xc-w and a 2012 Super Tenere! I want to do lots of travel around the Southwestern states...