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    Gen1 vs Gen2 vibrations

    I just moved from a 2012 with 24K to a 2017 with (now) 2K. I notice much less vibration on the bottom end (~1k-4.5K RPM) on the new bike. I presume that is due to the improved clutch basket on the Gen 2 bikes. Once the bike revs at or above 5K RPM it feels like it vibrates (mostly in the bars)...
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    valve adjustment and fresh plugs, now won't start

    I got my 2013 back together after adjusting the valves and putting fresh plugs in. It will crank, but it won't start. It backfired a few times, and it ran once for about 1 second but then died. It sure seems like it is flooded, but I don't know anymore. Everything went back together without...