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    F%#ing flat tires!!!

    I am joking a bit of course but we do have and inordinate number of nails. I have run a powerful magnet with wheels in the areas that are near the corrals and barns and collected up quite a few metal things. Nails and screws being the most numerous.
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    F%#ing flat tires!!!

    We live on a farm. I think the previous owners must have rebuilt fence and corrals and building and then tossed all the nails and screws into the driveway so they would get good traction in the winter. We have had around four flats a year since moving here twenty years back.
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    Sport bike v. Tenere

    My first fast bike was a CB 750 four back in 1970 and I am often surprised that I survived that period of my life. It was slow by today's standards but it would hit 125 mph downhill and did quite a few times. Today I live in an area where I can ride on gravel for miles and miles with just a...
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    How much more?

    My 2012 ST isn't the fastest bike I have owned but it is fast enough to get me in a heap of trouble.
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    Is this the right bike for me?

    I am fairly old and have had my ST for a bit over a year. I don't ride a lot of long distance trips but get in quite a few hundred to two hundred mile runs. I was really worried about the ST ride height but as long as you pay attention to where you're going to put your feet down things are...
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    Gen 1 new recall

    Here is the link I used:
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    Gen 1 new recall

    I found a site that you can type in your VIN and it will let you know. I changed my post to say that, but thanks.
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    Gen 1 new recall

    I checked online and it says 0 recalls on this VIN so the work was done a long time ago.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Rode the ST about 250 miles from home to Gillette Wyoming and back with a side run over by Devil's Tower. While travel on the Interstate is effortless a stiff cross wind made it an adventure for 70 miles or so. The ST fuel gauge said 45.6 for the trip. Lots of bikes out today but I saw no...
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    Ghost towns during a pandemic

    Wonderful photo essay of a great ride. Mention of the slide reminded of the Yellowstone earthquake in 1959. We had been up there the year before.
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I washed the *^&%$# bird crap off of my seat, windshield, front fender, and one hand grip. I cannot understand this. I live on a farm with a few acres of space to do this bodily elimination yet they choose to hit the blue bomb whenever it is parked outside. Two ATV's sit nearby, clean as a...
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    New super ten owner

    Hi and welcome. I also have a 2012 ST. It is a great bike for where I live (lots of gravel roads) and I am quite happy with it.
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    Well, she sure burns gas

    My 2012 with no bags will run at about 46 mpg if I stay around 70 mpg on pavement. I rode about 200 miles going 45 to 65 mph on gravel a couple of weeks ago and got 46 mph on that run. It was on heavily graveled logging roads and gravel county roads in SE Montana and western South Dakota...
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    Random Rant Thread (no moto content)

    You're right on that point but digging up the line and cutting the concrete is a tougher job in the winter.
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    Random Rant Thread (no moto content)

    We have been advised to use RootX as it kills roots on contact if used as directed. I try to look at things on the bright side. A sewer line fiasco in August sure beats the heck out of one happening in February.
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    Random Rant Thread (no moto content)

    My rant for the day is we had the sewer line to the septic tank back up. Water jetted it out. Ten days later it does it again. Ran a camera down the line. Big root in the line and under the slab. Ran a rooter in with the camera behind it. At a place under the slab there is no cast iron...
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    Weapons - What you have (NOT a political discussion)

    Your post verifies that you have to make a comment. My summation is correct for me. If you don't like something then don't read the thread.
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    Weapons - What you have (NOT a political discussion)

    I am mystified (sort of) that people who are against photos of firearms can't just stay off the the thread and the post mentioning Cancel Culture nailed the reason. These people don't like it so you can't have it either. Incredible.
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    2014 1/2 Kawasaki KLR 650 new edition For Sale NY

    Even though the post is two years old that is a good looking KLR in my opinion.
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    So...what other bikes do you own?

    Too bad that guy with all the Teneres wasn't collecting bikes when Broughs and Vincents were still being made.