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    SOLD Helibars riser

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    SOLD Helibars riser

    Helibars Tour Performance Handlebar Riser for Yamaha Super Tenere 2014 onwards $80 - Paypal - Brand new in the box. Includes shipping included in lower 48.
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    Rox Riser with anti vibration

    Has anyone bought a set of the new Rox Risers with the anti vibration? I need to add risers and am just wondering if they are worth the extra money over the standard set.
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    Outback Crash bars and skid plate

    Very happy with the T-Rex bars and skid plate. They are beefy and you don't have to remove the skid plate to change the oil.
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    S10 Among GS

    Back in 2007 - 2008 Yamaha had a production issue with cross threaded nuts on the stem bearings on the 1300 V Star models. If trueing the wheel isn't the issue, I would have that checked.
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    Terry Adcox seats

    Another seat builder is Bitchn Stichn in Lakewood CO. A friend on mine has had 2 seats done there and I have had one. He is a small shop but he takes the time to fit the seat to you. Price is very reasonable too.
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    What's your first bike? With a picture please.

    Sorry, no pictures. Cameras weren't invented yet. :) 1st Bike was a 1970/71 used Rupp 125 MX. Ran it for a couple years before I got my license. 1st street bike was a 1974 Yamaha RD250
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    Madstad bar blocking turn indicators

    The turn signal indicators are on top of the computer on a 2020 model. My Madstad bar is right at the top of that. If I had your dash, It wouldn't be a problem.
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    Madstad bar blocking turn indicators

    Where did you splice in to the wiring?
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    Madstad bar blocking turn indicators

    Well I put the MadStad mount and windshield on the bike last Thursday after work. Tinkered around with it to fine the optimal position. One thing I noticed is that the heavy support bar that goes just above the dash blocks the turn indicator lights. Has anyone figured out a slick method to see...
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    Garmin Launches Explore

    Your link is a path to nowhere. You pick the XT and it takes you to that page with no information on Explore.
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    Oil stabilizers

    No reason to use it as all. Unless you are running a low grade oil that isn't designed for your bike. Just stick with a JASA MA oil and you are good to go.
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    Givi V46 Mounting Question

    I just put the Givi bike specific plate on last Thursday. I had a 56L top box on the Beemer I traded. It is a rock solid mount. I have never had trouble with one yet.
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    Duffel/Dry bag vs. top case

    Well the side boxes and top box didn't really cause any issues in the wind. Rode 280 miles in 20 - 25MPH winds. Everything was just fine.
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    Duffel/Dry bag vs. top case

    I just finished mounting a set of 48L Givi side boxes and my 56L Givi top case. It is windy today so it will be a good trial run. Stand by for news! :)
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    Duffel/Dry bag vs. top case

    You make a good point. A square box would catch a lot more wind than a rounded bag. I have a 56L Givi top box (not square) and I really can't tell it is on the bike.
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    Swmotech ring help?

    I love my SW-Motech tank bag. Didn't know how I would like it until I had it mounted. I just bought a new ST last week and waiting for the new ring to get here. If you paid $50 for the bag, you got a great deal with or without the ring.
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    Duffel/Dry bag vs. top case

    Whatever dry bag you decide on, forget the straps that come with the bag. Get yourself a set of Rok straps and you can use any dry bag on the market. Rok straps are the best invention since sliced bread. I have 2 Wolfman fry bags. I think a 30L and a 46Lmodel. Great bags.
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    Seat comparison

    I see that a few guys have bought the Terry seat which look like a Russell Day Long seat. I have had the RDL seat and am wondering how the two compare. Anybody had both seats?