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    Spoke check order

    When you guys tighten spokes, do you tighten one side and then then other? Or, go side to side as you work your way around the rim?
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    Crankcase cover 3 gasket

    I wasn't sure you were trying to be funny until I read the every 10000 miles part. ;)
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    Crankcase cover 3 gasket

    Hello all. For some reason, on my 2020 Super10, my gasket (pn: 23P-15462-00-00) had a considerable amount of rust. I didn't notice it until the day after I brought it home. The best working theory I have is that someone sprayed a concentrated cleaner on it and let it sit. I have issued a...
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    Can a gasket rust?

    I just bought my 2020 Super Tenere last week. Yesterday, I happened to notice a red smudge on the crankcase. At first, I thought it was red mud. Then I realized it was rust. I know the case material is aluminum. Is the gasket steel? Can a gasket rust? I wiped it off with WD40, but that...