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    Raising Front Fender

    I raised mine <> 20 mm, which seemed to be about the easy limit. More here;
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    What's your first bike? With a picture please.

    The first bike I owned @ 18 was a new 1972 Honda CB500F. It underwent a few upgrades over the ensuing years. 750 pistons for 600CC, 750 carbs, Yoshi CR gearbox, Hayden oil cooler, Ceriani forks, 4ls waterbottle front brake etc, etc, and the frame evolved into a monocoque. Fun times, and I did...
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    Valve adjustment - more lessons learned

    Sorry about the late reply. I cut it to take advantage of the moulded in bends and get the join accessible on the side. This means the hose needs to be lengthened too, and it just so happened that a spare DR650 carb breather hose suited perfectly. Works good.
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    Traction control really OFF?

    I suggest the suspension. A stock shock, with TC on or off, struggles to keep the tyre on the surface and driving. A well setup decent shock makes all the difference to keeping the tyre contact patch contacting. Stock suspension on my Gen 1 meant it was almost impossible to ride on unsealed...
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    Simple fork spring compressor

    I made mine up from some scrap steel and an old broken screw jack. Works good, with total control.
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    Valve adjustment - more lessons learned

    FWIW I checked my valves recently and did a writeup over on ADVR. My airbox mod might be of interest;
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    Ester based oils

    I now use a full ester synthetic in my DR. There is negligible magnetic paste on the sump plug at oil changes compared the semi synthetic oils used previously. As I use up my stocks of other oils, I'll switch to it for the rest of my fleet. Magnetic sump plugs tell interesting stories.
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    HOW TO: Quick and Easy ABS Disable Switch

    A few bumps, like corrugations/washboard when slowing for a corner is enough to activate the ABS and means getting down to a 'safe' speed for the corner is compromised, let alone the feeling of a bike accelerating when on a loose downhill. Improved suspension helps a lot, but doesn't fix it...
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    Passenger foot peg lowering

    My wife likes these eBay specials: Along with a slightly boosted and reshaped seat from MJM.
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    HOW TO: Quick and Easy ABS Disable Switch

    When I did my GenI I fitted an 80A SPDT relay in series with the fuse and a momentary on switch on the clutch clamp on the bars. The fuse circuit, now via the relay, is normally connected when the relay is off, and therefore a form of fail safe. If the relay fails, it fails such that the...
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    Anybody tried to disable Unified Brakes and ABS?

    Correct. I much prefer normal brakes. Trying to second think the computer is too much for me. Brakes are much more reliable and predictable once off the seal with the ABS and linking off.
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    Bearing questions

    I'd get 2RS and then if you really want to, removing a seal is easy enough. Not done the S10 yet, but all my other bikes get 2RS for the wheels and cush drives whether they were stock or not.
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    Spoke weights

    Some spoke weights clamp to the nipple, some to the spoke itself. The ones that clamp with a set screw to the spoke will inherently weaken the spoke and I will not use them. I use the nipple clampers on my other bikes, but sticky ones on the rim on my S10.
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    XT1200 Super Tenere TC memory module

    FWIW I fitted a SPDT 80A amp relay in series with the fuse. This way when the relay is unpowered its connected normally, then a momentary push of the 'kill' button powers the relay and kills the ABS. Needs 1 maybe 2 secs to kill it then relay is unpowered again with ABS staying off till a...
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    XT1200 Super Tenere TC memory module

    email sent, thanks :)
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    First Shaft Drive, Seal Failing - Can I ride it 1,500 miles?

    My seal exploration may be of interest;
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    I bought the wrong size front tire. Help and guidence needed.

    is the load rating OK with the smaller tyre? May not be a practical issue, but if under, could have insurance etc implications should the worst occur.
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    2012 Tenere Maintenance vs Known Issues

    Not common, but there have been a few frame breakages here in Oz, including mine. I chose to repair rather than replace, and could be worth beefing up as a preemptive measure. Probably applies to Gen 2s too. They go where the fairing mounts to the steering head.
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    Supposedly winding down, but still in operation AFAIK. They might answer the phone, they've never been real good with email.
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    metal valve stems

    I've gpt 45 deg metal stems, work excellent with no install or access issues.