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  1. Chaz

    Small switch on combination switch

    Hi! Would like to see if somebody installed a small button type switch on the left combination switch . I’ll like to install an Highway dirtbike switch on my bike and want to know if that fit! Thanks Charles
  2. Chaz

    Rear shock needed

    Hi guys! I’m looking for a used rear shock , a good deal for my 1st gen S10. Mine just blow and I’m taking off next week for a trip and don’t have time to have it rebuilt before...I found an Elka stage 5 but don’t want to drop 900$! So if anybody here have a used one in good shape that is oil...
  3. Chaz

    Anlas winter tires

    Good evening , I found this today. An article by a man who lives a few minutes of my house . I saw him riding his Multistrada in the middle of the winter (when the road is dry ). Makes me want some winter tires!
  4. Chaz

    Swing arm / bushing

    Hi there! Since winter is here for stay I decided to do a little maintenance on the bike. I have taken the swing arm/ drive shaft off to check if everything was ok. Very easy job. Found a lot of grease in bearings. Cool. -First I notice a bit of rust on the rear end of the drive shaft . I...
  5. Chaz

    Advice on full Arrow Exhaust

    Hi Gentlemens! I recently bought a complete Arrow exhaust and need real life advice. My bike is a 2012- with Uni Pod filter- unflashed. I bought this exhaust used . I repaired it and clean it a lot. Now that I’m about to try it , a friend of mine warn me on some « possible » dommage that this...
  6. Chaz

    Beat my sunset with S10!

    I want to start a friendly battle : Beat my sunset with an S10 ( obligatory! And only rule!) Let the battle begin!!:cool:
  7. Chaz

    Start and stall-no start anymore

    Any clue on my problem. 2012/ 60 000km/ Went for a little ride this afternoon, just to pick a new headlight at the part store. Start easy like usual but didn’t take time to let it warm up and stop at the store. Start again with no issue and stop at work. After work, I start the bike and it...
  8. Chaz

    First spin with my S10

    Hi there! I’m just back from my OFFICIAL first spin with my S10! It was sunny , dry roads, no ice ,a nice and warm 2degres CELSIUS (yes! Do the maths I’m just lazy Canadian!) this was the perfect timing for a test drive of my 2012 SuppaTen. It was a long and tuff winter and could’nt wait more...
  9. Chaz

    Planning a trip—april-Qc, Can.@N. Car.

    Good morning Gentlemens! I am currently planning a trip in mid april from Quebec to North Carolina where my sister lives. I’m planning to cross the border at the Thousand Island and take the 81 for a long time, trying ton avoid traffic. My main questions is that I’m concern about the weather and...
  10. Chaz

    Brand new member!

    Hi everyone! I just bought a ( new to me) 2012 xtz1200 with 51200km(32000miles approx) and really like to gather info on the bike I own. First time bike forum member but used to search a lot on different bikes forum for info and mods informations. Really excited to try it next spring ! Heres...