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  1. snakebitten

    Colorado is one big giant motorcycle playground

    The ONE good thing about the miserable August Texas Heat is the built in excuse to go to the land of 70 degree highs! A bit risky riding alone on some sections of the track I took to try to get to the top of mount Helmet. (I kept staring at it on a satellite view from my camping spot. There had...
  2. snakebitten

    The retirement thread

    Retirement Tenere. I like it! And considering the context you termed it as such, you should know it's a proper choice. You can treat it with retirement concern and care, but you don't have to. It's as rugged as they come. Still, I like it. I'm considering retirement. Looks like I already...
  3. snakebitten

    Tenere Riddle for fun

    A few hints: The guy who made this for me is a crazy sic craftsman with a TIG in his hand. (Hint#2 Fort Worth) It IS a part for a Super Tenere. My Tenere. I didn't know he was making this. He's insane.
  4. snakebitten

    Tire slut dilemna

    Edited: (Anakee Wild is NOT available) So I got 4 3 tires to choose from for my Texas to Colorado. Then Colorado to Calgary. Then Calgary back to Texas trip. I have a fairly new K60 on the rear. Safe to say it would likely survive the whole trip. After all, it is the mileage KING. (even if I...
  5. snakebitten

    Texting while riding

    So while I have personally taken a strong stance against texting while driving amongst my family, I feel like a hypocrite that now I receive and send texts easier from a motorcycle than I could in a cage. Bought a dual pack of Sena SMH10's a couple of years ago. Never got around to getting them...
  6. snakebitten

    Rodeo, Canada Style

    I hate my job. The CEO comes into my cave today and instructs me to attend the Calgary Stampede in July. It appears we are opening a new location in Calgary and since I am the appointed corporate redneck, it is only appropriate that I represent. I asked what is the schedule? He says to look...
  7. snakebitten

    2014 XT1200ZR

    There have been lots of Super Tenere reviews by the press. It's been a mixed bag of results from the beginning. And although, on occasion, somebody that "gets it" gives the Tenere its due, it is far more common that it comes up short against the competition because it just doesn't have the...
  8. snakebitten

    Exorcising the GSA demon

    I am the bull's-eye target candidate for the BMW GS. (GSA to be more accurate) Ironically, I didn't know it until I got my Tenere. I might have suspected it before then, a little, but I was still in a "that's for when I really am an old man" denial stage. But to be really honest, the more I...
  9. snakebitten

    regards to my brothers over the pond

    From a "yank" that has had the pleasure of visiting the motherland a couple of times, my respects for the passing of a great Lady who garnered goodwill between our forever-linked countries. I personally was a huge fan, as well as many in my family. Fond memories that nobody can change. Cheers...
  10. snakebitten

    2013 FJR starter-kill switch cluster

    It came in! I'm getting my hazards one way or another. :) After test riding the new FJR, I was impressed with the combo start-kill-run button on the right hand cluster. Had a nice 'feel' to it. And like the S10, it had the mode switch. But because they combined the start button with the kill...
  11. snakebitten


    My KTM is even wondering WTH?
  12. snakebitten

    Rumbux Lowers with Givi Uppers

    I have seen the question asked in several threads if these 2 products are compatible. It couldn't be easier! The 2 Rumbux rear frame mount tabs attach to bolts that have nothing to do with the Givi bars. The 2 front mount tabs on the Rumbux lowers share the same mounting point as the Givi...
  13. snakebitten

    Demo Days

    So Texas Yamaha in Webster, (south of Houston near NASA) called me to tell me the Yamaha truck just arrived and is unloading 2013 models for a Demo day tomorrow and Saturday. Bring helmet. Bring gear. Bring license. And go rip on a new FJR or Tenere! :) 1660 FM 528 Webster, Tx 281-338-1636...
  14. snakebitten

    Advice from the Aussies?

    Heading over to Melbourne for a couple of weeks. (early May) I'm actually tagging along on the wifes business trip. And since it is on such short notice, I really haven't gotten a chance to do any thorough planning. I actually don't mind just "winging it". It is far more fun for me when I do...
  15. snakebitten

    Rear Shock Spring

    I did a search. The only thread I found was one discussing the color of the rear shock spring and how it is merely a fashion statement by Yamaha. :) When I decided to revive that thread, on a more serious note, the automated forum advice message was to "consider starting a new thread" I am...
  16. snakebitten

    Givi Crash Bars. (For S10)

    I'm old and absent minded. Got confused by back-orders. Ordered the bars from 2 vendors unwittingly. Mounted the first ones that arrived. (revzilla) Just got home and found a second set from Amoto on the porch. Still boxed and shrink-wrapped. Got the reciept email that shows they were $144.00...
  17. snakebitten

    Ladies With Long Legs

    I'm thrilled with willingness of the-mother-of-my-children to perch herself on the passenger seat and adventure with me! :P Of the MANY bikes I have owned during our 30 year marriage, this is the only one she asks ME: "You wanna take the bike?" However, she does complain about some pain in her...