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  1. SkunkWorks

    A Colorado Mountain ride with an unexpected turn of events, 10-11-2020

    This ride happened a little over a month ago, and what started out as a sunny blue-sky day ended up being a tad bit worse, and far longer than I expected. Luckily I had packed extra layers and gear............they turned out to be a lifesaver! I knew I was going up into the high-country that...
  2. SkunkWorks

    343 Miles of Colorado Mountains

    After Breakfast, I went out for an all-day ride. About 110-miles of it was easy dirt roads. I also wanted to test out the Garmin Inreach to see how the Tracking function works. I started the Dirt on Jackson Creek Rd, and then turned on to Hidden Valley Rd, which then turned to Bergen Park Rd...
  3. SkunkWorks

    Crash-Bar Bags for Rumbux Upper Bars.......New Supplier!

    Since Rumbux is no longer offering their Bags, I reached out to Brady Sturm @ Storm Industries He did not have a template for the Rumbux Bars, but instructed me what he needed to make one. I traced out a template on a piece of clear shower-curtain...
  4. SkunkWorks

    Spotted.........2 Blue Teneres at Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew Monday.

    not by me, but by a couple of awesome friends of mine who were hiking there on Monday. I'm hoping to see them in July.
  5. SkunkWorks

    SOLD! DS Raid Tool-Box and GIVI Top-Plate.

    Just removed these items from my 2014 bike. They will fit ALL years of Super-Tenere 1200. I went with a complete Bumot setup, and I ordered one of their tool-boxes keyed the same as the luggage, so I no longer need this one. The Givi Top Plate has new rubber "Bumpers" installed, and comes with...
  6. SkunkWorks

    Touring the Northwest-US on a FJ1200, Part-1

    I know this is not Tenere related.......................but it is a Yamaha.:cool: Thought some of you might enjoy it. This trip happened last August (1st thru 19th), a month and a half before I bought my Super-Ten. Took me awhile to go through all the pictures and route tracks, but I finally got...
  7. SkunkWorks

    SOLD! OEM Yamaha Super Tenere Panniers, With Mounting Hardware, $500 plus Shipping

    I've decided to go a different route with Luggage, so I'm selling my OEM Yamaha setup. These Side-Cases are used and in great shape, and include all the mounting brackets, screws/bolts, spacers, and a printed set of instructions. These also include the pair of locks with 2 keys, which I've...
  8. SkunkWorks

    ****SOLD!****OEM Yamaha Super Tenere Tank-Bag $75.00-shipped

    Located in Denver, Colorado OEM Yamaha Tank-Bag for Super Tenere. $75.00-shipped to Lower-48 USA. I will ship elsewhere, but shipping will be extra. Used but in great condition. No rips, tears, or damage. Slight sun-fading on the top, but doesn't affect function. Includes detachable...
  9. SkunkWorks

    Colorado BDR, Section-5

    This was the last "All-Day" ride I took before the snow started to fly here. I had previously ridden parts (most) of section-4, but wanted to ride at least a whole section this time. I had actually intended to ride both 5 and 6, but misjudged how quickly the daylight disappears this late in...
  10. SkunkWorks

    WANTED! OEM Left Side Yamaha Pannier.

    I am looking for a Left-Side OEM Hard Luggage Box............... I know it's a shot in the dark, but maybe someone has one they want to sell. I don't need the Lock Cylinder hardware, just the Box. Black preferred, but could use the Silver one as well? I busted the Hanger on mine on this last...
  11. SkunkWorks

    Pro Taper Evo ADV High Bar Install (with original question)

    For those that switched to this Handlebar: Does everything fit in the Control area if I keep all the factory stuff, including factory Hand-guards? Or should I be looking at a set of BarkBusters? Tapping the ends for the OEM Bar-Ends is not an issue (I already have the correct size Tap. If the...
  12. SkunkWorks

    Skid Plate that I couldn't find any info on................ I bought one! ( T-Rex Racing )

    I had been doing all kinds of research on skid-plates the past couple months, and I figured I would really narrow it down around Thanksgiving in hopes of purchasing one. I came across this brand that I hadn't seen mentioned anywhere. I searched and searched everywhere that I could think of, but...
  13. SkunkWorks

    Wanted 2014 Super Tenere in Blue

    Hello, I am new to the Forum, and as yet have not purchased a Super Tenere........ Which leads me to this post. I am looking for a 2014-newer bike, preferably a 2014 as I cannot afford a brand-new one. I am truly fond of the Blue color............I am hoping for one that is fairly low mileage...