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  1. klunsford

    Riding gear

    Hey ladies and gentlemen, my doctor has told me I can no longer ride. Motorcycle and helmets are all gone along with all pieces and parts from my 2012 and 2014 Tenere. What is left is riding gear because I waited until the nightmare has run its full course. The dream has ended... over 50...
  2. klunsford

    *****SOLD*****Suzuki DR650 in Colorado

    I have another friend in the Littleton area who is selling a very clean Suzuki DR650. Year 2008 Make: Suzuki Model: DR650SE Miles: 6,600 Seat is aftermarket made by Sargent (I still have the stock seat included) The cargo rack is a Pro Moto Billet Cargo Rack (Two mesh bungees included) 2.5 inch...
  3. klunsford

    2009 Suzuki DL 1000 for Sale

    I have a friend who has a 2009 Suzuki DL 1000 for SALE. I am helping him sell his bike since he had some health issues. He is asking $3,500.00 at this time but will entertain offers. This is a very neat and clean bike if someone is looking for an extra bike that is in Excellent shape. I have...
  4. klunsford

    SOLD! For Sale: 2014 Super Tenere ES Loaded out....

    Hey all you inmates, Due to some recent health issues, I am considering selling my 2014 ES Matte Gray (11,000 miles on the bike). Pictures will follow and here is a short list of farkles. From front to rear: Off the Road Risers (from Germany) Garmin 660 PM Large Yamaha windshield ( have the OEM...
  5. klunsford

    Colorado Visit

    Hey all from Colorado, I will be coming to the Denver area Between Sept 8 and 13. Would really like to meet some or all of you. Reach out and I will give you my cell phone number.
  6. klunsford

    SOLD!: Chatter Box Xbi2H plus bluetooth headset

    I have a little used Chatter Box which fits into the HJC SyMax III helmet. If anyone is interested, it can be yours for $100 or best offer shipped Conus. If interested PM me.
  7. klunsford

    SOLD : Front and Rear Corbin Seats

    I have a front and rear Corbin seat set for the Super Tenere and are in great shape. $325 shipped to anyone in the lower 48. PM me if you are interested. Thanks for your interest, I have sold the seats.
  8. klunsford

    Corbin Front seat for FJR

    I know this is not a Tenere, but I have a riding buddy who has a Corbin Front seat for an FJR that is in great shape, hardly used. He is asking $120 and lives in Colorado. I will have pics today to add to this posting. Anyone interested, PM me.
  9. klunsford

    Saw a Tenere on saturday

    I saw a white Tenere going west on I40 just west of El Reno. Anyone here? It was about 230pm.
  10. klunsford

    2014 ES Tech Manual

    Does anyone have a manual for the 2014 ES that they would like to be rid of?
  11. klunsford

    Just got my new BUMOT Panniers with tool box

    I just wanted to say, I am very impressed with the fit and finish of the BUMOT Panniers. They are built very solid and were incredibly easy to install. Mine came with the integrated tool box behind the right side pannier. great place to put things that you normally don't use on a daily basis...
  12. klunsford

    BUMOT Panniers

    I have been considering buying a set of BUMOT Panniers for my 2014 S10. Anyone out there have them and like or dislike them? I would really like to know your thoughts.
  13. klunsford

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone no matter where you are! ::022:: ::021::
  14. klunsford

    NickNames/and how you got it

    I saw a thread about user names, but most of us have some kind of Nick Name that was given to us at some time in our lives. For Instance: I was stationed in the Army early in my career (1980-1981) at a little island in the south Pacific calls Johnston Atoll. A little dump of an island no...
  15. klunsford

    New Addition to the Garage Wall

    The Tenere Banner was hanging in 20Valves garage when he passed. My friend got it from his family and I am now the very proud recipient to have it hanging in my garage. Makes a nice addition to a very cluttered space.... (notice the Oklahoma hidey hole in the garage floor)...
  16. klunsford

    Denver Area

    Just wondering if any of Colorado Crew (the Usual suspects) have ever gone to TFOG for parts or Tires? If you haven't, its is (or was?) owned by Jim and the TFOG stands for Two fat old guys. I haven't talked to Jim in a handful of years (since I moved from Colorado), but his prices were fair...
  17. klunsford

    Padded back rest for OEM Top box

    Has anyone built a padded back rest for the OEM top box? I would be interested in what you did and how? Can't find one built for the passenger anywhere. Maybe I will go to a upholstery shop or my seat guy here in OKC.
  18. klunsford

    Yukon, Oklahom

    About 9 am on Rt66 in Yukon, spotted a whte S-10. Anyone on this forum?
  19. klunsford

    Like New Altrider Luggage rack

    I have a almost knew Altrider rear Luggage rack for sale. I have it mounted for about 200 miles and now my Kids are getting me a Yamaha Top Box for Father's Day. Well Altrider doesn't make an adapter for the OEM Top Box. So Sell I must... $200 shipped within the US and if someone North of...
  20. klunsford

    Hey, Does anyone know?

    We have had many long time members that no longer are heard from on the Forum. Just a couple that I can think of that you don't hear from anymore: Hannahbone JohnnyCinco Swagger Just wondering if anyone has contact with any of them. If you can add names, that you haven't heard from in a...