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  1. kraigd

    2012 Tenere Parts Seat shock windshield and more needed

    Looking for 2012 Tenere parts, Corbin seat or other options. Taller windshield, Penske shock or other options, , 865-919-19 one five I am in Knoxville tn.
  2. kraigd

    2012 Tenere SOLD

    Re: 2012 Tenere Deal of the Year, I think I think my days (for now anyway) of long distant ridding is over. I have a Caponord that is perfect and I don't need two ADV bike. Thinking about Moto Guzzi next. Bike has clean title and very little damage. I posted more pics on Craigslist Knoxville.
  3. kraigd

    2012 Tenere SOLD

  4. kraigd

    SOLD - 2004 ST1300 SOLD

    Re: 2004 ST1300 non-ABS $3500 - lowered to $3000 I ride with a guy in knox tn that has 295,000 on his st and never has it left him on the side of the road. Great price for a great bike. Just thought I would bump.
  5. kraigd

    Full set of Caribou luggage Sold

    Re: Full set of Caribou luggage for sale I would sell side cases and all mounting hardware. New they cost 825.00 for bags, racks are 315.00= $1140.00 plus shipping. I will sell rack and cases for $700.00 plus shipping. I will text you pics of the right bag so you can see the scuff on the lower...
  6. kraigd

    Full set of Caribou luggage Sold

    SOLD. So I had to review my rec. I forgot about a few options that made my cases so exp. I bought the tie down brackets bag liners and inner bags (Keeping these) and lock set. Side cases new 825.00 with Hepco Becker “Lock-It” side racks + 45 +43+25+ shipping= $about 1000.00 for side cases. Top...
  7. kraigd

    :.SOLD == Aprilia Tank Bag.:

    Re: :.Aprilia Tank Bag.: PM sent
  8. kraigd

    Yamaha Rated Highest for Reliability

    As I read this it seems people are thinking about what if this happens and what if that happens. I sold my 2012 S10 after 20k miles in 11 months because I missed the feeling of the BMW. I even went back in time and bought the 04 GSA. And yes I have already had an issue. I bought it with 18k on...
  9. kraigd

    Is anyone regularly hitting or breaking 200 miles or more per tank?

    My friend Bill rides a 2012 S-10 and he gets 45 mpg all the time. He rides smooth as silk and as a rule keeps his speed under 75mph. PS He has no side bags and I think this helps.
  10. kraigd

    Is anyone regularly hitting or breaking 200 miles or more per tank?

    Yes I get about 290 to 315 miles per tank. But I had to sell the S10 and go back to a GSA to get it. Ha. Just saying.
  11. kraigd

    So I went back to BMW GSA

    09 is a nice bike but I want the 2012-13 bigger tank and few other great up grades. I was quoted with factory alum side bags and a list of std features brand new 15,200.00 OTD in Ga then I pay Tn tax. $1200 ouch BUT thats alot of bike for 5k less than BMW< but resale is going to tough. I will...
  12. kraigd

    So I went back to BMW GSA

    If I am stuck on the side of the road and we are riding together I better plan on waiting a little bit for a ride. Ha. ::025:: PS picture of the new scoot.
  13. kraigd

    So I went back to BMW GSA

    I love to ride, my goal is 20,000 a year. I have owned 60 or so bikes and I think I enjoy the hunt for just the right feel and never seem find it for one reason or the other. The next bike on the list is the Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX. I am going to wait till next year when I can find one with a...
  14. kraigd

    So I went back to BMW GSA

    I sold the S10 after 20,000 miles in 11 months and went back to BMW. I liked the yamaha but as always when I try a new make or model I say the same thing, " Its a nice bike but still does not feel like the BMW". I love the reliabilty of Yamaha and dealer network but it does not have the...
  15. kraigd

    Tenere Sold

    Bike is sold I bought the bike new 11 months ago. Bike has been serviced by me. Oil changed with full synthetic every 4k. Final drive changed with full synthetic 4 times. I have put 19,000 miles on it. Looks and runs like new. If you bought a new S10 for 12,500.00 then added all the options...
  16. kraigd

    Altrider plate touching down in a curve

    I installed links (DOG BONES) to raise my bike 7/8". Ten min to install, best thing I ever did to the S10. I ride the Dragon 129 all the time and was hitting pegs, side bag and my left foot had no where to go. (as you all know the muffler takes up alot of space).
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  18. kraigd

    Check your spokes!

    I have not read this thread to the end so my info could be old hat but Many many threads on this topic, The one I started is "missing spoke safe to ride" The spokes suck and become loose for no reason. I did not have one loose spoke for 15k. I am now at 21k and I have a loose spoke at any givin...
  19. kraigd

    Oil Filter Deal

    I use Rotela T-6 full syn oil every 5k and a pure gold filter.Total of 28.00 per change and nothing on the market is better. (SO I SAY) PS have a factory Yamaha filter at all times, if you need warr work for the eng that should be on it or my dealer said this could be a problem. just sayn.
  20. kraigd

    dumb ? Missing rear spoke, safe to ride ?

    The funny thing is my bike is the opposite. I never had a loose spoke for the first 15k. Now in the last 5k it seems like I have a loose spoke all the time. I used locktite 290 green at about 16k. I check my spokes everyday now and in the middle of a ride. I need to tighten 1 or 2 spokes every...