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  1. motomuffin

    End of my rope: unbearable noise and/or turbulence

    I've been following this thread closely; I think I don't share any dimensions with anyone here (5'11" and a 36" inseam) but after trying madstad bracket and Yamaha tall windscreen with just a little (not a lot) of improvement in buffeting, and before I go spending $$$ on one windshield after...
  2. motomuffin

    2016 North East Adventure Rally: Harrisville NH Jul 8-10

    Hey fellow SuperTen riders: We're invited to come camping and riding for a weekend with the ADVRider, Yankee Beemer, GS Giants crowd at Field and Forest Recreation in Harrisville NH July 8-10 2016. It's a beautiful campground, the campground owners are avid...
  3. motomuffin

    FS Corbin front saddle

    If Calboy and zxrider pass, I'm IN. :D
  4. motomuffin

    Changing out Spark plugs

    Great thread, so thrilled to see it here; I'm about to tackle plug replacement this weekend. Bike has 20K miles on it and has recently begun to make slight jingly noises (my oilhead makes these same noises when it needs new plugs) so I'm doing plugs and air filter while I'm in there. I've been...
  5. motomuffin

    Women who ride Teneres

    Right on! Love my Tenere. Bought it leftover at the end of August '14, have put 20K miles on it. Great bike! I see there are about half a dozen of us ladies on Teneres. ::020::
  6. motomuffin

    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    I tracked the SuperTen last week. ::012::
  7. motomuffin

    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    I bought the SuperTen as a 40th birthday present. ::013::
  8. motomuffin

    S10 T-Shirts?

    Got an order going, red on blue, will post a pic when it's in! If you want one, I've got them going through They're not on the site, you'd have to call them (781-848-1235) and ask for the SuperTen shirt. They'll have pretty much any size/color you want...
  9. motomuffin

    S10 T-Shirts?

    Yeah, men's shirts and caps... which is why I'm going to go the t-shirt route. Women's sizes.
  10. motomuffin

    S10 T-Shirts?

    So, yes, I'm a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC new SuperTen owner, and found a complete lack of swag for these bikes. What's up with that?? A friend of mine is a designer and just banged this together, and I thought it was perfect. I'm totally putting it, in Yamaha (traffic) Red, on a bright blue t-shirt...
  11. motomuffin

    Hello from Massachusetts

  12. motomuffin

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hooray, Gardner! Sure, love to be on a SuperTen list. And I'd also love to experiment with that bracket; I'll even give it back when I'm done!! The demo truck was at MOM's (Manchester NH). They also had the new Indian Scout there, though they weren't allowing demo rides on that. ::024::
  13. motomuffin

    Hello from Massachusetts

    Hey all! I'd been lusting after the SuperTen for a year, and last week on my birthday the demo truck came to my local dealer so I took one out... and came back and bought one (damn their marketing tactics). It's a leftover 2013, in white. I picked it up Monday evening the 25th and have 1200...