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    The anything thread.

    To get that bad I was towing a 300# trailer at 80 mph or more.
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    Battery Choice

    I worked the Emirates 777 accident in Dubai a few years ago and some people were having trouble with rubber shoe soles melting with the fuel and heat. The airplane was carrying tons of fish in the cargo hold and with the heat the oils caught fire on about our second or third day on-site! The...
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    Holan top box

    Same box on my 2014 and if zoomed in you can see the bottom where I just drilled 4 holes to bolt it to the aftermarket luggage rack. I would not bolt it to the OEM plastic rack because I think the plastic would crack over time and miles.
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    Lithium batteries/starter packs

    I you want to see why it tests so badly skip to 14:30: Unfortunately all too common:
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    Lithium batteries/starter packs

    I work with them and teach electric vehicle firefighting. While battery packs are capable of bursting into fast growing flames, they generally don't explode. Bottom lines are: (1) LOTS of positive reviews and avoid the least expensive Chinese cells. (2) If carrying on the bike, they need to be...
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    We made it through the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 and most people hardly remember it. "This too shall pass" - Persian origin
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Been talking to the daughter about the vaccines and don't expect real distribution till mid Spring or summer and this seems to echo what Dr. Fauci is currently saying. This is hitting our family on a personal level in another way, since Karen and I are trying to protect a 6 month old and 88 year...
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    Let’s see your Dog!

    A neighbor got a Rotty pup a couple of weeks ago and he's about 12 weeks old now. Totally cute little (for now) bundle of joy!
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    Life! (corona virus, non informative, non hysterical post)

    Just came back from being away and it's time to cut the political crap. The R's scream that everything is fake news, while the D's are convinced corona is surging because the R's won't take responsibility. The election is in our past and neither is going to convince the other of anything on a...
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    How did you choose your forum name?

    Mine? By being unimaginative. ;)
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    Do companies ready think we are this stupid?

    Of course a ball has sides. There's the inside and outside. ;) Where can you go a mile south, a mile west, a mile north, and be where you started?
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    SOLD - Super clean F150 with extras. Price to drop weekly till gone.

    I drove a couple of short Sprinters and they are a lot nicer to drive. Both were diesels but not the 4 cal and have bad reps for reliability so passed on each. My other issue with the Sprinters is that I need to put a kayak on the roof and they are REALLY tall with one up there. In addition to...
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    SOLD - Super clean F150 with extras. Price to drop weekly till gone.

    That's where they parked it for me to pick up.
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    Hey hey from Virginia, USA. WTF??? How'd they latch onto that name. It was a GREAT airplane and of course the older meanings too. My other half and I have names that were common when we were young and now there's no way in the world somebody would name their kid . . . Bob or Karen ;) At least...
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    Dropped my tenere today, its a real adv bike now

    Sounds like a good ending
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    BMW GS Update

    Time to let it go and let this thread just go back to an occasional BMW GS update. Or maybe German beer. Or Germans with beer and boobs. Never can go wrong there! ;)
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    S10 Among GS

    One of these is not like the others. . . ;) Seriously, check the wheel for true, as mentioned by Tenman. If not that, then I'd suspect a loose steering head nut. As for cross-threading for a model made in 2007-8, ummmm probably not but checking the stems will check for that anyway. Bangkok...
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    Wisconsin toy hauler

    I was thinking the same thing.
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    BMW GS Update

    Be careful throwing stones at glass houses. The original Gen1 Super Tenere crash bar was no better and we still have a vulnerable radiator fan sticking out on the left side.