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  1. Mak10

    What's your first bike? With a picture please.

    The first one I bought with my own money, was an 82 XT200.
  2. Mak10

    Food Porn

    Chicken pot pie.
  3. Mak10

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Changed my air filter.
  4. Mak10

    Anyone change their own tires?

    Good lube is a must. Try it you’ll like it.
  5. Mak10

    The next chapter...KTM Super Adventure S

    It was a 2020 SAS.
  6. Mak10

    The next chapter...KTM Super Adventure S

    Seen a 1290 with a $3000 rebate on it today. Made me go hmmm.
  7. Mak10

    Whose season is winding down?

    It’s coming to an end here. When the temperatures get below freezing, it makes camping off the bike “not fun”. I turn my attention to snowmobiles.
  8. Mak10

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    High here Saturday is supposed to be 30f. Low 4f. Possible snow.
  9. Mak10

    I'm in. From the desert Southwest USA

    Welcome from Idaho. Nice looking bike.
  10. Mak10

    How did you choose your forum name?

    Mine is my initials and 10 for Tenere.
  11. Mak10

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    No snow yet. Mornings have been in the he low 20s. Too cold for me. Going to have to start heading south.
  12. Mak10


    Welcome from Idaho. Good to see you enjoying the bike.
  13. Mak10

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Took the S10 out and ran some errands today. Puts a smile on my face every time. Fits like a comfortable shoe. Fall is in the air.
  14. Mak10

    That trip didn't go as planned

    Brings new meaning to ATGATT!
  15. Mak10

    That trip didn't go as planned

    Glad your ok, and get well soon. 2020 has been a tough year health wise, and that’s not including Covid
  16. Mak10

    Good Realtor?

    I’m just kidding, mostly. There are some really nice places around twin falls. It is growing like crazy. Suburbs around Boise as well. The economy is growing and doing well, even with a pandemic. House prices are shooting up as well. The nice thing about the Boise area is the climate is...
  17. Mak10

    Good Realtor?

    Just don’t ever let anyone know your from California. :oops:
  18. Mak10

    To flash or not to flash....

    Haven’t flashed yet. On a list to do, in the future.