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  1. bimota

    WTB: REAR HUB rob
  2. bimota

    Super Tenere Video

    Hi Boris, paid the £7.99 for the 4 episodes today just finished the first 3 great to watch , great to see the 2 teneres in a tv series very similar to long way round superb, wow views to die for rob
  3. bimota

    Let’s see your Dog!

  4. bimota

    Add a Tool Case to Your Pillion Luggage Rack

    oh sorry its a DS tool box there based in spain and yes it fits with the givi and it fitted when i had the yamaha luggage as well rob
  5. bimota

    Add a Tool Case to Your Pillion Luggage Rack

    hi, the case is shown above in the ebay link cheap £17 rob
  6. bimota

    I'm in. From the desert Southwest USA

    welcome Mike, from S Wales UK Rob
  7. bimota

    Super Tenere Video

    hey boris, went on amazon prime last night uk, not there rob
  8. bimota

    Hello from new member

    i have a ds tool box from them based in spain, been ok with that anyway rob
  9. bimota

    Hello from new member oh, and welcome from s wales uk rob
  10. bimota

    Quick Intro

    welcome nick, from bridgend s wales uk, i think we had this conversation be for tho when you first came on here cheers rob
  11. bimota

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    hand guard extensions you can,t buy need to make them here we are rob
  12. bimota

    Greetings from Murphy NC

    welcome from s wales UK Rob
  13. bimota

    Here I go !

    Welcome :)
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  15. bimota

    Hello from San Jose, CA

    Welcome :)
  16. bimota

    PIAA 23P-854A3-00-00 fog lights

    a guy last week told me as i,m taking mine off for a 8" led light bar, that when you take out the 2 screws that hold it in the mount bracket it,ll fall apart, not done it yet but his words when i asked this question last week rob
  17. bimota

    Need to upgrade Passenger Seat

    PM'D you theres a set of these pegs just come up for sale $25 wow bargain on this forum rob
  18. bimota

    Need to upgrade Passenger Seat

    i had to do this fix my wife loved the room on the 1200gsa, i bought the tenere we had 1 ride there was no room between the topbox and me she would not get on the bike, so i had to find a way to make it ok, moved the box back 2" and we went for a ride as i wanted my 2 week trip in europe to go...
  19. bimota

    Need to upgrade Passenger Seat

    no not at all they fold up lovely and a proper peg for a passenger, the only thing i found is its slighty in the way when your off the bike and trying to put your foot on the centre stand to pull the bike on that stand but its a issue that you get use to and to have great quality and comfort for...
  20. bimota

    Heated Grip Install Question

    the one above yoyo, is showing how he wired them up to a silver tenere with about 9 pics the pic above that i put up is one of the pics of bar end removal its KIM HANSEN thread rob