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    video of how not to do it lol

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    swop the yamaha spots for led light bar (help)

    Hi guys, i have a gen 1 tenere with the expensive spot lights fitted under the headlight as in picture below, now like the look of the 8" led light bars so want to swop i have the led bar that has 2 wires attached to it. now bare in mind the bike has the switch on the bars in place and the 2...
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    has anybody got a led light bar fitted to the upper altrider crash bars under headlight

    hi guys, i have at the mo s w motech crash bars fitted to the xt1200 and swopping them over to altrider lower bars, NOW i,m thinking of adding the upper bars as well but i have at the moment a denali light bar fitted with 2 lights on the edges plus the factory 2 spots under the lights . now...
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    NIKEN having track fun

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    can somebody help with upgraded shock spring numbers

    hi guys, there are a few guys on facebook have asked about a uprated rear spring to help with 2 up riding and luggage etc now this spring has come on ebay, can any body tell me what 14.5kg/mm is and what that means to a numpty like me...
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    Aprilia tuareg 660 spotted rob
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    world crosser decal kit just need the exhaust sheild decal help

    hi guys, iknow the full decal kit in the uk is about £55 i had this kit on my world crosser i also think the parts in the kit have individual yamaha numbers so i was wondering does anybody know if you can buy the peices individually, i ask as the decal that fits over the exhaust sheild in the...
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    long shot info USPS

    Hi guys, yes its a long shot i ordered a set of altrider crash bar bags from STORM INDUSTRIES that were posted to the UK on the 6th of july tracking shows movement up to the 11th july then stops. last track says this. July 11, 2020 In Transit to Next Facility Your package is moving within the...
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    Don,t crash while wearing shorts and nothing else

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    don,t take your bike to the beach lol

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    soft landing on sand lol

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    UK. meet up 12th sept PONDEROSA CAFE LLANGOLLEN

    HI GUYS, facebook forum have set a meet for this saturday 12th sept at the PONDEROSA CAFE LLANGOLLEN, theres about 10 so far with a yes, i,m heading up saturday going to stay in north wales for the night come home sunday, 1.00pm rough time anybody uk side more than welcome to come along i,ll...
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    GERMAN trip off heading to SCOTLAND 8 days end sept (what,s to see)

    hi guys, seen alot of europe over 30 yrs, my german trips off so to stay in the UK heading to SCOTLAND end of september for 8 days, now no camping all b&b , now only been there once about 20 yrs ago so can only remember glen coe, wife has relatives that were going to see at OBAN for a visit...
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    mmm wet concrete lol

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    Place in the UK looks like they repair ABS pumps rob
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    WALES yesterday

    facebook picture
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    wow these are cheap if your in CANADA

    aftermarket coil sticks in the UK are around £59 if you want to use these and i know a few have had no issues these ones just come on in canada £30...
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    is this safe

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    Help needed DRIFT GHOST HD action camera

    Hi guys, now i have a drift ghost action camera hd version, never really used it but now want to fit it somewhere on the front of the bike, has a sd card that,ll run and when full will go back to the start like a few do, now if it was mounted to my helmet it,ll run for a few hrs battery dead...