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  1. Mak10

    For sale ads that make you go hmmm?

    Anybody in the market for a used T7 for $3000 over new retail?
  2. Mak10

    Katie M- my 525EXC

    Sitting around with a broken leg isn’t much fun and I have the Super Tenere pretty much farkled how I want it. I’ve been meaning to get my KTM 525 exc out, and start putting it back into running order. I bought the bike new in 05 after going through a nasty divorce. Love the bike, but life...
  3. Mak10

    Let’s see your Dog!

    It’s national Dog day today. Let’s see your Dogs. I’ve had a dog for as long as I can remember. Life wouldn’t be the same without man’s best friend. I currently am owned by a Welsh Corgi, and a Dachshund. “Skeeter”
  4. Mak10

    Montana Ghost Town tour 2020

    I had an opportunity come up to make a multi day overnight trip with a couple of guys from the Idaho dual sport club. Touring around Montana seeing old mining ghost towns. Bikes were: KTM 690- Ron BMW GS adventure 800- Ed BMW GS 850 - Dan Yamaha Super Tenere - Mak10 I found out about this...
  5. Mak10

    Happy birthday EricV

    Best wishes. I hope that your day is great.
  6. Mak10

    Covid test

    Who here has had one? Scheduled for one tomorrow pre surgery. Have to quarantine until Wednesday.
  7. Mak10

    E07 mileage and wear, when do you change?

    This tire has approximately 11.5k miles on it. The tread is just above the wear indicator. I was going to change it out, before going on this last weekend’s ride. After searching a bit it was apparent that it’s not worn out yet. My ride was just over 1000 miles, of mostly pavement, with...
  8. Mak10

    Feeling lucky today, clipped a deer.

    One of my biggest fears is hitting an animal on the road. On our way home, from a weekend ride, I hit a deer today. Going up a slight grade, on a newly constructed 4 lane highway going up to a venue when the olympics came to Salt Lake City. I was passing a slow geo tracker and was concentrated...
  9. Mak10

    Camping eats, menu

    What is on your menu when camping? Looking for new ideas. Mountain House dehydrated meals are ok, but they are getting to be $10-12 around here and I might as well just eat out for that price. Things I carry in my camp food bag: Instant oatmeal Single serving spam Chicken in a pouch, or...
  10. Mak10

    NRS straps, good product

    Just wanted to leave a review of these straps. Really excellent product for securing items to your bike. No cheap buckles to break. Buy em long and cut to your desired length.
  11. Mak10

    Let’s see your skid plates.

    I have an ACD skidplate and it has done its job well. Let’s see what your running. I lik the ACD as I covers the Catalyst and that seems to be where I need protection. I also don’t mind taking it off when changing oil, as it gives me time to inspect for damage.
  12. Mak10

    Found Altrider rear rack

    I’m looking for a Altrider rear rack. Givi mounts a plus.
  13. Mak10

    Cheap digital thermometer.

    Zacro Pack of 2 LCD Digital Aquarium Thermometer Fish Tank Water Terrarium Temperature I am planning on putting one of these on my bike. Cheap enough and it would be nice to see the actual temp when riding. I don’t know...
  14. Mak10

    Super Bowl LIV 2020 poll

    Who’s your team and any predictions?
  15. Mak10

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to those who make this site possible. Also to all I have had the chance to meet on my adventures this year. There are some great people on this forum. We got 18” of snow in the last 24 hrs. My Tenere is asleep under her cover. May you all...
  16. Mak10

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, 2020

    FEB 5 UPDATE: Count updated thru Post #526 is 81 relatively firm, 5 maybe, plus probably a few more form Texas, plus there are some discussing it over on Facebook. Looking like we are in the mid 90s and approaching 100. The Tracks thread is running and has resources to download at...
  17. Mak10

    Idaho BRDR ride End of August 2020

    Wanting to cross this off the bucket list. I’m thinking July 2020 anybody interested?
  18. Mak10

    Fuel stabilizers

    Due to cold weather and some health issues, I’m not going to be able to ride for the next four weeks. This puts me into December and the likelihood of finding favorable riding conditions looks slim. For those that see a couple of months of storage, what do you put in the tank? Stabil...
  19. Mak10

    Replacement foot pegs?

    While riding the Moab Slickrock I jumped off a small ledge and my right foot peg snapped off of the bike. Anybody have any good suggestions for an aftermarket replacement? Not really interested in pivot pegs.
  20. Mak10

    Moab White Rim Trail Oct 4-6

    Some have expressed wanting to ride the White Rim Trail in Canyonland National Park. Anybody up for this Early October?