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  1. trikepilot

    FS: Grok Harmonizer

    The buyer of Fancy passed on the Grok. Since it was bought and used on a Tenere... I am listing it here rather than at ADVrider. Will cross-post over there after a week here, if it lasts that long... You can have it for net to me $300 via PayPal shipped. Located in Roanoke, VA What in the hell...
  2. trikepilot

    Wanted: 2012 right rear passenger footpeg & bracket

    I need a 2012 right rear footpeg and bracket.
  3. trikepilot

    Fancy is for sale - TBDBITW - 2012 Super Tenere $4k - Roanoke, VA

    Perhaps hyperbole… but now that I have your attention! This Tenere is unabashedly TBDBITW – “the biggest dirt bike in the world.” It is fully pre-dropped, pre-scratched and dinged, and unwashed. She is not the Tenere for every rider and in fact, I may come to find that it is the Tenere for no...
  4. trikepilot

    Fancy gets a new stablemate

    The old WR250R was a faithful companion. She taught me alot of how to ride offroad - so much so that I was easily able to take Fancy on the TAT without issue. But it's time had come.... I felt I had gotten everything out of the WRR that it could offer and to continue the learning curve, I...
  5. trikepilot

    WTB: Front Wheel for 2012 Tenere

    OK... so I finally pushed my front wheel a tad too far today. In my exuberance to fully explore the limits of the new Motoz Tractionator rear, I picked a less than ideal line and dinged the front pretty bad - or at least worse than the other dings that were already there. This one caused the...
  6. trikepilot

    Portland, OR beers on 7/1?

    I am wrapping up 6300 miles of the TAT and coming to Portland to ship bike home on 7/1 and flying home on 7/2. Any Portland Tenere owners interested in showing a easterner who loves craft beer the best of Portland's offerings? Will have no vehicle and be staying at some airport area hotel...
  7. trikepilot

    NW Arkansas Tenere help - on the TAT at Byrds

    I arrived at Byrds yesterday and have determined that I am getting drastically premature wear on my rear tire. I normally get 3k on these Mitas e09 Dakar rear tires but at 1400 TAT miles on it in 4 long hot days - I am around 75% spent. Due to my normal mileage I shipped a tire out to a stop I...
  8. trikepilot

    “Fancy” rides the TAT – Post grad school decompression trip

    Been a long time coming... but departure day is less than two weeks away. Follow along at the link below.
  9. trikepilot

    Wanted: long brake/clutch lines for 2012 Tenere

    Anyone have a set of longer clutch and brake lines for a 2012 laying about that they want to get rid of?
  10. trikepilot

    WTB - Fasstco Flexx Handlebars for Tenere

    I'll be upgrading to some new bars soon. Before buying new, I thought I'd toss it out there that I was interested in buying used. If you have some that you have removed and are not using, let me know. I want the Super Tenere 15 degree bend - item #FL-1004-15-32.5
  11. trikepilot

    Pure, unadulterated joy on two wheels

    Ok... so not really a motorcycle, but this shows why we love riding anything with two wheels Full story -
  12. trikepilot

    Not a Tenere. Not even an ADV bike. But an amazing adventure

    I got thru the first two episodes and really liked it. Thought I would share.
  13. trikepilot

    Modification of factory mounts to allow OEM topbox with AltRider rear rack

    So I like my OEM topbox. It works for my uses - mainly commuting to work and school so that I can stow my helmet in the box on the bike or haul beer and groceries. I have always wanted an Altrider rear rack so that I can lash more stuff to the rear when I get out for over night adventures and I...
  14. trikepilot

    Need a welding project? DIY Rumbux renovation

    I toasted my Rumbux lowers last week out in the wilds of WV. They did their job... protected the bike from damage but they valiantly gave up their life in the process. I have explored several options of bending these back and welding in some new steel for a beefy fix, but I have neither the...
  15. trikepilot

    Wanted: OEM top box mount plate

    I am looking for a plastic OEM rear top box mount plate for an experimental project that will require cutting the mount up to fab a new way to mount my top box. Part looks like this: I don't want to destroy the one that came with my bike so I am on the hunt for a "donor plate" that I can...
  16. trikepilot

    Feedback on EVS knee brace/armor?

    Took the WRR out to the Wayahutta OHV area near Cullowhee, NC yesterday to ride with a crew of seasoned moto vets. In an effort to keep up I pushed beyond what my skill envelope and the conditions warranted. I took several big diggers - the first of which resulted in a significant knee bruise. I...
  17. trikepilot

    FS: Tusk 1 1/8" (30mm) Tall straight Risers for 1 1/8" bars

    Came off my Tenere from the previous owner. Here is the actual item: And here is what I could find online - They retail for $20 bucks so how about $15 shipped to you?
  18. trikepilot

    WTB: Rear luggage rack - AltRider

    I want a rear luggage rack - preferably in black but bare aluminum can work. Most familiar with the AltRider but will entertain others. I am really looking to create the void below the rack where I can stash a waterproof first-aid kit. After the injury on our Romney ride, I want to be better...
  19. trikepilot

    5/09/15 - NY plated Tenere at Sierra Nevada Brewery

    Last night, upon walking into the fancy new taproom brand new Sierra Nevada brewery in Asheville - I saw a blue 2015 parked outside with NY plates. Anybody here?
  20. trikepilot

    04/24/15 - Saluda Grade in NC

    Blue Tenere, OEM factory luggage, rider in high-viz yellow heading east (south) down the Saluda grade on I-26 between Hendersonville, NC and Spartanburg, SC. Sure wish I had not been caging it.