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  1. Sierra1

    Sport bike v. Tenere

    I figured we might want to start a new thread since we hi-jacked the other one; BMW GS Update. A sport bike, by design, is made for sport; handling, and speed. Duh. The Tenere, by design, is a compromise; pavement, and not pavement. Apples and oranges. MY point is that, for what it is. . ...
  2. Sierra1

    Riding for RAVEN

    This is a charity motorcycle ride for six year old Raven Goff who tragically lost her life January 13, 2020. There is not a minimum amount for donations. This ride is being put on by Brandon Stroud and his club Texas Ryderz. All donations will go to her father, Shane Goff and family. The ride...
  3. Sierra1

    Soft straps

    Y'all might already know about these. If you do, ignore me. I found these the other day; 6 for $15.00. 3k pound service limit, and 10K pound break limit. My trailer is a pipe frame, with limited tie down spots. These things eliminate the need for dedicated tie down anchors. I loop them...
  4. Sierra1

    And now, for something totally different.

    It STARTS at $29,799, tops out at 95mph with a 75bhp electric motor, 3.0-3.5 0-60mph, and has a 110mi range. o_O My guess is the limited top speed is to extend the range. In MY opinion, this is an urban bike only; hard to go across country, 100mi at a time. And, IF it is only an urban...
  5. Sierra1

    Favorite music to ride with, or by.

    So, what do y'all listen to? My music list literally covers artists from A to Z. My favorite all time? REO Speedwagon, Roll With The Changes. Joe Cocker, Chris Stapelton, AC/DC, Dobie Gray....?
  6. Sierra1

    Tenere in Godley TX

    On Friday, 16NOV18, I saw a bike coming, and much to my surprise, it turned out to be a Tenere. It was at dusk, and all I could tell was that is was "Yamaha" (not Cobalt) blue, with OE bags. I was in the white Charger going in the opposite direction. I'm in Joshua, so....
  7. Sierra1

    Issue Sign In/Out

    I am, occasionally, getting "signed out"; without me signing out. Minutes ago, I attempted to view a picture and was told that I had to sign in. But when I clicked on the "issues" link it shows that I am already signed in. Not a big deal, just something I noticed.
  8. Sierra1

    Finally! Actually saw a Super Tenere in the wild.

    Monday, in Cleburne TX, a 60th Anniversary at the West End Grill. Had bag mounts, but no bags. First one I've seen in the wild in over a year; I couldn't stop and investigate further. I was wondering if you are a local, or just cruisin' through. ::001::
  9. Sierra1

    "NEW" Yamaha Sport Tour

    The FJ-09 is gone for '18 & the "new" Tracer will be here for '19. Makes sense to me. I've always wondered why Yamaha has similar bikes with different names/options. Maybe they're cleaning house....consolidating? I know there are more than a few FZ-09 fans there's one that'll go...
  10. Sierra1

    RIDE with Norman Reedus

    For those of y'all that DON'T know, Season 2 of RIDE with Norman Reedus starts tonight on AMC. In Season 1, he started out on a Ducati, but ended up on a Triumph. (Tiger) He seems like a genuine "bike guy", and could be one of us. ::017::