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    Engine cracked???

    has anyone had this issue? it looks like it could be cracked but the dealer says its ok. there isn't any leakage of anything but just wondering if anyone else has seen this and had some better feedback as id like a second opinion just to make sure.
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    mra screen

    I have two mra screens to fit xt1200 2010 to 2014 mk 1. and mra screen to fit mk2 new dash 2014 to 2018. £60 each collection only Melton Mowbray Leicester. 01664 852758.
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    size of copper washes

    hi simple thing relay what size copper washer do I want for engine sump plug. And diff drain and top up plug. thanks budgie. uk
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    bad starting

    i have read that alot of people have had this problem. it is the 4th time it has gone back to the dealers has anybody cured it? i have done the usual by not touching the throttle and keeping the button in till it starts.