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  1. firstime911

    Aero full system long trip Ear pain

    Hi, I have full system exhaust installed on every bike i has.. never has an ear pain problem. However, Full Arrow on S10 on a 7 hrs ride, i felt ear pain only on my left ear where the exhaust is. It seem that S10 exhaust is very high and the pannier, heat shield is some what Echoing the sounds...
  2. firstime911

    Service schedule understanding

    Hi, I'm trying to understand the service schedule. So if i did the 600 m initial service and then 6 month service( on April) and now is Aug my bike is reaching 39xx miles do i need to do another 4000 miles service?
  3. firstime911

    After yesterday ride (8 hrs straight) few question (Hard start when hot, Vibration till hand numb, lean toward left)

    Yesterday i had chance to ride for a long distance 8 hrs straight only stop for gas filling and some coffee. I have few trouble with the bike. 1. When ride for a 18x miles till the tank is almost dry. In hot weather (110f +) I park at gas station under the sun for coffee brake, then i back to...
  4. firstime911

    GIVI top box and Yam OEM pannier

    Hi, guy I’m thinking of upgrading the top box from Yam OEM to GIVI and still keep the OEM side pannier. Reason, not enough storage and for passenger back rest WHich top box you recommend that i can still open the side pannier lid easily, and not affect too much the aerodynamic of the bike. 46...
  5. firstime911

    Horn not working properlly (PIAA)

    Hi, Due to covid i didn't really ride the bike that much, just once every two week for a short commute in front of my house (2-3 miles) to charging the battery. This morning i found that the horn is not working properly, have to press couple time before is working, iIt happen like this for a few...
  6. firstime911

    What do you guy think about YAM Niken ? Anyone switch to Nike..

    Hi, I’ve just seen the real bike. It’s look good, very futuristic design. Additionally, the review was good too. Anyone switch to niken? Or what do you guy think, trade in S10 for Niken? Thank you
  7. firstime911

    Weekend ride my previuos GSA LC

    Just did a weekend ride with my previous bike R1200gsa lc. My friend told me slow down a bit i can't catch up with you, S10 is too fast. LOL BTW. The I really recommend upgrading your windshield. I cannot ride fast with the stock windshield too much wind buffeting, with this new Vstream mann i...
  8. firstime911

    Rear view mirror tightness problem

    Hi, one little problem with super tenere rear view mirror, when i ride high speed for a while on open road or in the hills, i start to notice that my rear view mirror moved from its position and i have to keep adjusting it. push it back,. even after i tighten it already, especially the left hand...
  9. firstime911

    IS ABS Module is a weak spot of this bike

    I've just owned S10 for 3 months, my first service 600 mile I met another S10 Owner his bike is in service too, need to replace the ABS module, his was 2013 and only 12000m on ODO. He has to pay around 1800 USD for this ABS module, and just recently another bike from my local group; say that he...
  10. firstime911

    I cannot move the windshield fully down is block by side wind deflector (OEM)

    Hi, I cannot move the windshield fully down is block by OEM side wind deflector ?? Is still have one more level to go down. My bike is 2018 Is confirm by the dealer if you install side wind deflector you cannot put the shield in fully down position!!!. Now It is possible to trim this..
  11. firstime911

    Should i just get a Baja design "Laser" light S1 or just stick with the normal LED.. My only concern is the laser light chip expectancy is only 2000 hrs.
  12. firstime911

    Any Bag that can fit Rear rack, rear grab bar, wind delector, frame bag?? for small items

    Hi i'm looking for bags to fit on the Rear rack, rear grab bar, wind deflector, frame bag?? for small items. Last trip i lost my electoric heat IQOS cigarette full set, i put it in plastic bag and forgot it in the toilet. Normally when i rode GSA i had these bag to put my beloging. I don't want...
  13. firstime911

    North Thailand trip

    I did around 1700 km north of Thailand, my friends has MV Agusta, and Multi 950. S10; comfortable didn't notice any sore on my body. I'm not happy with the side mirror during high speed i notice is vibrate and tend to move around from set position a bit due to high wind. Overall happy ride...
  14. firstime911

    Idle RPM up and down

    Hi, My bike is 2019, just did a first service 600 mile. On the way back, i parked for lunch. I try to maneuver the bike around the parking lot, clutch in, no throttle; I noticed the idle RPM swing up and down, but it did not stall. It was like that until put on gas and get out of parking lot...
  15. firstime911

    National cycle Vstream sportouring vs PUIG touring light tinted

    Hi, after a long ride, i think i need a new windshield. I'm 181cm with 32"inseam. I ride in Thailand temperature 86F to 110F plus rain. On the highway ride, the wind is a bit too strong, is good but for couple hours you got tired from the wind. I google and found two windshield model that i...
  16. firstime911

    Bike pull left, cruise control hand off.

    Hi, I'm new to this bike. I generally using cruise control a lot on my previous bike, with hand off sometime is relaxing and the bike pull left right sometime but not all the time. . However, on S10, with cruise control engage, and i put my hand off the bike tend to pull toward the left side...
  17. firstime911

    User review; from R1200gsa lc 2016 to super tenere 1200 2019 non ES.

    Hi, My response after first ride on 5xx km trip and 2hours in high traffic area on s10 GSA to S10; area where I think S10 is better: Engine Characteristic; man this thing has some character compare to almost electric BMW boxer LC. This engine make good rumble and even better when accelerate...
  18. firstime911

    DS Bike protection BE CAREFUL very delay delivery

    Anyone experience order upper crash bar guard for super tenere?, I've order from them since 25/9/19, they say that the shipment is shipped on 25/10/19, i went to the courier site they provide tracking. Is show status "information received" since 21/10/19, but up to now nothing is...
  19. firstime911

    New Tracer 700GT + FJR1300 Ultimate edition (final edition) The Yamaha Tracer 700 for 2020 is the first model to come with the Euro 5 compliant crossplane two-cylinder. The performance data changes little Yamaha is launching the Sport Touring FJR1300 with a final special edition...
  20. firstime911

    Does the Fork protector + final drive protector neccessary?? or just cosmetic

    Hi, i'm thinking of buying more accessories, fork protector and final drive protector. It is a necessary for tarmac use, preventing stone chip damaging, or this will be just purely cosmetic? I'm wonder.. Thank you