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    WARNING Shinko E705 tire

    I’m on my 3rd set of 705’s. My wife has a set on her S10 too. I haven’t had any issue like this. Solid wear, good on the highway, wet or dry. Run well on gravel and light offfroad. Meh in the sand. They suck in the mud, but what doesn’t?
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    Have you dropped your Super Tenere? Damage?

    The tires were actually a pretty good set of 705’s. I had just replaced the rear before starting my trip back. They do pretty well in everything but mud. To be fair, I don’t think any tire would’ve helped much in that slop.
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    Have you dropped your Super Tenere? Damage?

    Pics from the Utah slop fest.
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    24 Hours on the Super Tenere - Video

    His S10 review was one of the reasons I bought mine. Coming from Harley’s, it’s really nice to be able to focus on the ride and not the bike.
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    Have you dropped your Super Tenere? Damage?

    In one 20 mile stretch between Utah and Colorado last summer, I dropped mine at least a dozen times when the nice gravel road turned into soupy clay. Left side, right side, at 15 miles an hour, and at a standstill. The bike was so caked in mud I had to take it to a car wash once I got back to...
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    Time For A New Windscreen

    The thing that really made a difference for me was a knockoff MRA Xscreen I bought off eBay for $40 or so. Between that and the winglets I have no buffering issues with an OEM shield.
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    Put the ole girl on the scale today

    The weight perception is all relative. I came to my S10 from a Street Glide. All the reviews I read before I took a test ride mentioned how heavy the S10 was. The first time I picked it up off the side stand I almost threw it over on the other side. It weighs 400 pounds less than my Street...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Today I added a set of Jesse bags to the bike that I found on Craigslist. The deal was too good to pass up.
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    Upper crash bar that can fit together OEM crash bar

    My wife has the DS upper guards on the OEM lowers. They are...OK. She’s dropped the bike twice, both times on the left side. The second time, the upper bars shifted on their mount enough to touch the fairing. No damage, but it’s enough to make me want to replace them. Since Rumbux is no longer...
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    No more tank bag!! Hurray!!

    Big difference between 40 pounds of fuel (8 pounds per gallon) and a few pounds in the tank bag. The heaviest thing in my tank bag is my pistol and spare mag. Other than that, it’s hat, sunglasses, lens cleaner, tire pressure gauge, sunscreen, etc. I might put my small camelbak in it instead of...
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    Interesting article on helmets.

    Wear a quality full faced helmet that fits you well and that is 90% of the solution. A full faced helmet protects more than a half or 3/4 helmet. A well fitting, comfortable helmet is one that you will actually wear and not leave on the shelf at home. IMO, that is more important than which...
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    First ride 2012 S10 impressions

    The fuel light on my ‘15 is very conservative. I still have 1.5 gallons left when it comes on. The bike definitely prefers a little higher EPMs when shifting.
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    favourite pic of your bike:-)

    Just a bit. I was heading down to Ibapah to hop on the Pony Express Trail that morning so I only had a few minutes.
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    Helmet Opinions.

    It fits exactly like the original Krios. The buckle is absolutely amazing. I can pop it off at a stoplight, scratch my head, put it back on and fasten the buckle without ever taking my gloves off.
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    Helmet Opinions.

    I love my Krios Pro. I’ve done 3700 miles in it over the last 8 days. It is DIT and ECE certified, and it’s all day comfortable.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    On the Pony Express Trail!
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    Help me find boots for my fat feet.

    They are pretty noisy!
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    Help me find boots for my fat feet.

    After 3 days and 1400 miles, the Toucans have broken in really well. I’m glad I decided to stick with them.